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Sometimes when the management keep repeating the same lies, and after some time, almost everyone in the company start believing in it.
I knew they were lying but I am powerless and was nothing alone, no one believe me, I resign from the company.
I turn to the government agency to seek help, it was such a straight forward case, there was no dispute, the court still gave my ex-boss the chance to prove otherwise but he was powerless in front of the judge, there was nothing he could do except to accept the court order to pay me my one month annual wage supplement.
That is the power of seeking the truth! In the past, I would have accepted the lies or wrongs because everyone is doing the same thing and drop the matter. Today I learn that wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it.
I was working hard in this new company. There are people in this company that I knew in the past who didn’t say a word to me. I notice what is happening but I didn’t feel hurt and was not affected, these are people who think I couldn’t make it because they are confident and doing well in the company.
I only did my part, I was responsible for working hard; ploughing the land or casting the lines and dropping the net into the water, that is all I can do, I don’t determine the harvest.
I am nothing, God is everything!
I tried to focus and concentrate harder on surrendering to my Higher Power, I tried harder to let go of myself and stop fighting the battle myself. Let Him fight the battle for me.
Slowly my number grow and was doing well on my first month. When my number was bigger than these people who didn’t want to speak to me, they start becoming friendly and talk to me.
The glory and victory belong to God!