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You have been here just a few days, I’d recommend giving it a chance.

Have you been reading others threads? Have you posted support to any of the other new members here on their threads?

When you have been reading other threads what things have you seen that you can apply to your own situation?

Have you connected to any of the groups yet? The „open“ groups are unmoderated so you wouldnt be guranteed to find someone there but ALL the other groups will have a facilitator and you are guarnteed to find someone to talk to.

You first „first day“ ended with a 2 k bet. that is a lot of money for a compulsive gambler to have access to. What things can you put in place to make you less able to easily access money like that to gamble with? I’m assuming it was online so have you installed a blocker on your PC yet? Restricted access on your phone?

You posted that by the end of the day all you wanted to do was bet on the NBA games. Don’t watch those games, don’t look at teh odds/spread etc. What can you do to fill your time and thoughts away from gambling and those games?

Lastly, while I hope you continue to post here, if you do decide to leave the site then please use other support, get to gamblers Anonymous or somewhere similar. If we could do it on our own then we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Hopefully you will continue posting and tell us the positive steps you are taking to avoid your next bet. Maybe I will talk to you ina group here soon.