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Thanks RG for your support! I’m doing better. I’m moving forward. I really don’t want to feel the way I do after gambling. It takes a bit of my soul everytime.
nI’m concentrating on being a better me. Taking on one day at a time and living in the present is what I am doing.
nYesterday we spent a few hours with my Mom. I’m dealing with her so much better as I am only seeing her once a week now. It’s enjoyable now as I won’t listen to the negativity anymore. I just remove myself from the situation. She is making more of a effort to be nicer. It’s working.
nMy friend came over for dinner. She is moving back to the city soon to live with family as her boyfriend passed away and she can’t financially afford to live on her own. I will miss her!
nMy Granddaughter is in the tub and bedtime is soon. Good night all.