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I began therapy a few years back when I first acknowledged that I had a gambling issue and the first thing that we addressed was my work stress. I was an employee of many years of managerial seniority when a turn in the dynamics of my workplace made the job a survivalist nightmare and I just couldn’t handle the politics and backstabbing. It took years for me to step down( I had always hoped that it would change again) but I finally released myself and hoped that the problems that were caused by the stress would ease. I now work for someone who has little experience and was a convenient replacement and she knows that I know she is not cutting it. She is a narcissist who lashes out quickly and tries to blame a lot on me- which others see through quickly. This only serves to anger her more and I get the brunt of it. I am quick to stand up for myself and it’s not that I feel in jeapordy, it’s that I take an immense amount of pride in my job and it hurts to be unappreciated. I am working through it and hope to be able to pull up her smirking face in my mind every time I think of gambling from now on. Hope you are feeling empowered today.