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      I am reading posts all around forum everyday and today I found some lines that says „CG can’t quit by themselves“. So what does this mean to me? I have blocked all online gambling sites, excluded myself from all local bookmakers shops and I have given my bank cards, passport to my girlfriend, does this mean I need some additional help to quit gambling?
      I have not gambled for 8 days now and I am pretty sure that already in my 20 years of life I have hit my ground bottom few weeks ago. In the past I have gone to GA meetings but they don’t help me because I am the type of person who doesn’t listen to others, I have my own truth and I have been like this even before gambling so it is nothing to do with it.
      I do believe I can quit by myself, just to do that first of all I have admitted that I am CG I just couldn’t stop myself from gambling. In my future life I just can’t gamble in any way whether it is online casinos, bookmakers, lottery tickets etc. I just can’t do it even once again in my life, or else I will be in the same position where I have been before.
      I hope you understand what I mean because English is not my native language. Also I want to say thanks to all of you posting on this site it really helps a lot reading other people story’s.
      Just stop and believe it will go away……

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