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      Hi again people been awhile since my last visit but all is the same. I just like to come on here and read about others stories and share mine. for some reason after I write on here I feel a lot better like a lot of weight off my shoulders even if I sometimes repeat things from other posts. I don’t have the courage to talk to a friend or family member so I do it on here and it helps. I thank this site for being here.
      My girlfriend has had a gambling problem for a few years now and it doesnt seem to be getting any better. When should a person give up and move on? Or should they?
      It is so stressfull living this way. she lies, and scams all the time to get money. I just dont know where to begin to explain my situation. I feel like sometimes i’m the 1 with the problem she has a way of making me feel guilty when I try to talk to her about her problem. says i’m controling with her money. I don’t get money from her. when we 1st started living together we shared the exspenes but as her gambling problem became worse we no longer share exspenes. She has bill collectors calling all the time. she gets pay day loans and lately she has been avoiding paying them. she has goverment student loan and they threatened to garnish her wages if she dont start paying back her loan. The stress is just piling up around me.
      If it wasnt for my parents I would be walking to work and living in house that is falling down. I cant afford to keep up on regular maintance of owning a house and car and I have to borrow money from them sometimes to get by.
      How do you help someone who dont want help? I really feel she doesnt want help she see’s the hard times we go through but refuses to change and says I just like to complain.
      I would of ended our relationship and left the stress behind If it wasnt for our son who is 5 years old. I hate to see a kid have to go through his or her parents being seperated but sometimes I feel it would be best for me and him but other times I feel ot would do more harm.
      I am pretty sure the stress I have can’t be good for me some days I just feel like I could be sick to my stomach when I think about the situation we are in. I have offered to go with her for counciling and she gets mad and says she doesnt have a problem.  I just don’t know what else to do.
      I have many more things I could say but I am running low on time and I feel a lot better for now just by writing this post

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