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Do you not have gamban for your devices? It’s an electronic block that you cant get around on your phone. It costs a bit to begin with but you will recoup that money in one day of not gambling. If you can self exclude then do it and dont deactivate it. You have to put some effort in on your part as well and this attempt may be the one that works. Put all the blocks in place and DONT TELL YOURSELF YOU DONT NEED THEM. Its clear that you do and you must not let you talk yourself into not using what ever is out there because it makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. Just make the decision to do it and then follow through. I self excluded at the gaming center and the casino the last time I went in and lost control. It was embarrassing but it was a moment in time that i never regret and neither will you. If you cant self exclude on your devices then the next best thing ( probably the better thing actually ) is to download software that prevents you from playing at the casinos on your phone. Please dont just leave this to your self control to stop because it is exponentially harder to do so this way. Stay strong.