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Doing this In sections so as not to lose it. Pete left midday on Boxing Day but took someleft over dinner and dessert for the elderly chap he lives with. I had cooked a roast beef the day before and he gave it all to Bailey, misunderstanding something I said. I simply laughed about it. I spent the rest of Boxing Day alone which was fine and Pete rang me in the evening to thank me for all the food.
Since lockdown in March, and being at home, I have put back 10 lbs of the 30 lbs I lost. I have had health issues and ended up seeing a cardiologist and a renal physician. The cardiologist as I had become breathless walking up stairs snd had a tachycardia and a slightly iffy ecg. But was discharged after a normal x ray and echo. Turns out everything was made much worse by nicotine replacement therapy which I cannot now do as ticker too sensitive to it. Always knew I had something wrong with my kidneys in lockdown and indeed I do. It looks as though I have an autoimmune kidney disease called iga nephropathy. It can only be confirmed by biopsy but they are fairly certain it is that. It causes ones cholesterol to rise to very high levels which mine did. I was really concerned at the crowded waiting room when I went for the ultrasound plus no temperatures taken so I have deferred the biopsy to the spring. It is done awake, yuck…. I have done some medical research and it seems untreAted H pylori can cause this disease. Wasn’t told that by the medics. So, eradicate the h pylori and the kidney disease can improve. 1in 4 will develop renal failure or it can go into remission. For the 4th time this year my back is giving me problems caused by carrying heavy boxes. So, as one gets older, health issues knock on ones door. My stomach and colon have improved, however, saying all of that.
As for everything else at a standstill really, I hope for better things in 2021. My debt issues have still not improved, only being able to make tiny inroads in 2020. More to follow with hopes for 2021.