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Fish face2017

Day 38 today. Still gamble free.

Manage to pay back about 20% of what I actually owe. Although 50% of the total borrowed was finance on a car and not my own doing through gambling. So 30% left which is due to gambling, going to try and pay that off next with saving each week. It’s amazing how having no access to money helps. It’s frightening to see how much of my weekly wage went on gambling. I CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD TO GO OUT AND NOT WORRY!! Not having the thought about I need to win big this weekend to fund the month. Never happens. As soon as I’ve done the 30% which is about 3500 I’ll start putting some money aside to pay off the finance for my car. Slowly but surely I’ll get there… I know I can. By not gambling I know how much money I can save each month. It seems like it’s going to take forever but ODAAT. The thought of having this all paid off and being gamble free for that period of time is literally a dream at the moment. But I’m going to do it, no matter how hard it is.

Hope everyone is keeping upbeat!