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Dear Shelly
If your husband was an alcoholic you wouldn’t give him a drink – it is the same with money and a gambling addiction. When you say ‘we’ decide how much money he is going to take gambling you are enabling his addiction – I am not judging, I made too many mistakes myself. Forget feeling guilty when he needs more money – he needs it to satisfy something that is destroying his mind and for that there should be no guilt on your part when you refuse.

You do not own the addiction Shelly and therefore you are stronger than your husband who is controlled by it.

Any company worth its salt would never send a compulsive gambler to Las Vegas. If your husband wants to begin to change his life then perhaps he should tell his company that he has an addiction and cannot go.

I am not surprised you are not looking forward to this trip but I am sure your husband will be in a heightened state of excitement at the thought of going. Your husband is drastically changing reality to fit his personal perception and he needs the support of those who understand him Shelly – this addiction is destructive, it is sustained by lies and deception.

Keep Posting Shelly