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Good morning Butterfly,

So glad that you responded and that Monique reached out to you, too.

Letting go and focusing on you are the best gifts you can give yourself. When you really come to terms that there is nothing you can do to change your husband, and that it is not your job to do so not as a wife or person you will begin to see the beauty in life. We are not here to make someone else’s life better. During my recovery, I turned to God many times, I thought of wise words a friend said. “Why are you trying to fix everything, let God do this. That is his job.” And as a person who father has a gambling addiction, I was pretty much programmed to do this. However, I realized in my recovery that I was the one who gave myself that job and that I had to be the one who was going to stop trying to fix anyone or person.
Embrace this time for you, don’t be afraid of being alone, believe me being alone and happy is much better than being married to the wrong person.

I am getting ready for work, so I will write later. Just wanted to reach out and enourage you to really give your recovery a good shot. You will be amazed at the happiness that follows.