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Self isolation is challenging!! Going on week 9! My Granddaughter doesn’t understand why she isn’t going yo preschool and the park! I’m keeping her as busy as I can. We have outdoors playtime, ect…
I find myself getting down but I try to remain hopeful! The talk of opening up some of the states is very uncertain and scary to me! I know that precautions will be in place but I’m not jumping right in!
I’m grateful that I can purchase food and essentials. Watching on the news of the long, long lines of people getting help from food banks is humbling!! People still waiting for employment benefits, businesses going under, people waiting for the stimulus check to buy food! It’s all overwhelming to take in!!!
Everything is put into perspective for me. If my pension was to disappear tomorrow, I would find a way to survive!!
I hope that everyone here is staying well. Stay strong!