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Hi Guys,
So I went to the Dr today. She has 2 pills that she wants me to try before a surgical intervention. UGGGGG!!!!!
I will give it one try-if no results then I will be back!
Went to curves today and boy was it TOUGH! I am SO out of shape! The funny part is even though I haven’t been there since Nov 2009 the computer still had my info and it scores how you did on the machines. I was low on most but scored HIGHER on 3 of them! That was upper body and Ab stuff I did with the physical therapist so at least that was not a total waste and I did real well with the stretching-which I don’t like doing!
Lazy, lazy, lazy!
Well I am looking forward to fitting into last years wardrobe so I will work my program and and get back to taking care of me!