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      Hello Everyone,
      This is my first time to post on this site and first time to admit that I am a compulsive gambler. It does feel great to do so. From March 11 to November 11 I posted everyday on my caringbridge site as I was undergoing breast cancer treatments and felt good about it.  Now I shall be here posting daily as my road to recovery begins today, actually yesterday. I do have 20 years sober from alcohol and drugs which does assist me in knowing what I need to do.
      Well, my problem with VTL’s started the very first day I entered a casino with my mother in law, Dec. 08 and it’s been all down hill from there. I was happy, if you can believe that, cancer put a holt on the devastation for awhile, however as soon as I was bale to go back I did and the devastation began all over again.
      So many difficult circumstances occurred over the last several years and I didn’t use any tools in my previous toolbox. What I can say? The VLT are very similar to cocaine in the way the process distorts your thinking and there’s never enough money nor wins to cover the losses because you can’t ever walk away.
      I’ve walked away now and it’s time to begin anew. One day at a time, as long as I am gamble free today, it will be a good day.
       "when everything changes, change everything"

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