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      Gambling Therapy provide online support for individuals who have been adversely affected by gambling.  We are a small charity funded to provide support to people outside Great Britain, as well as people who have been accepted onto, or have completed, the Gordon Moody Association residential programme and their friends and families.
      In September 2012 we wrote to everyone using our site clarifying our remit and requesting that those using our site for support from Great Britain, who did not have a connection to the Gordon Moody Association, begin to form support networks using GamCare, a charity funded to support people living in Great Britain.  Since then we have been working closely with GamCare to ensure that anyone needing support would be able to access it.
      Gambling Therapy and GamCare have worked together to ensure that anyone in Great Britain that needs online support can use the Gamcare site and receive a warm welcome, similar services and a high level of care.  With this in mind we would ask that from May 31st anyone accessing Gambling Therapy in Great Britain, who does not have a connection to the Gordon Moody Association residential programme, instead accesses the GamCare website for support.
      I will shortly be sending out some additional information e-mail to those affected.
      Kind Regards
      Jane Fahy
      Clinical Services Manager
      Gambling Therapy, Part of the Gordon Moody Association

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