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      Dear Members

      Due to the members going into the incorrect groups, e.g. CG’s into F&F groups and F&F into CG Groups, an alteration has been made to the site

      Within your profile setting is an option called “user type” this option determines the group access ability.

      If you find you can’t enter any group (groups will be in grey) it’s because you haven’t altered your settings. Please go to your account profile and select

      • Gambler
      • Friend & Family of Gambler

      Once you’ve altered your settings to your user type then you’re have access to your relevant groups (whilst your there please fill in and the rest of your profile should anything be missing 🙂

      A Gambler can access

      Gambler Groups

      Community Groups

      Topic Groups

      All Unmoderated Groups

      Friends and Family  can access

      Friends & Family Groups

      Community Groups

      Topic Groups

      All Unmoderated Groups

      Kind Regards


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