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      Recently I have had very lovely one-to-ones with many of you and they have been great. Then I read Movedon’s post and I agree with her that, for her, our chat would have been topped with others in the group. Movedon is great in a group, she is a straight talker who has never let me get away with anything! Groups are private so you can say anything that bothers you and know it won’t see the light of day.
      It is easier to cry and laugh in a group and we have had both many times over the years. If things are misunderstood they can be easily rectified.
      One evening I knew that a member was looking for another but she wasn’t there – if the missing member had known, she would have loved to have been there – it would have been just the tonic she needed. 
      I am unable to talk about other members who are not present, or pass on messages such as ‘hey Floppy chops – Sludge Bucket is looking for you’ as that would be wrong and yet I would love for you to know more about each other because you all have so much to offer each other.  
      I have seen members asking for updates on the forum, from people who are more regularly in the groups and I find myself yelling at the screen – ‘come in a group and talk to the person and you will know what is going on’.  
      I am sorry if you do only get me – I do my best and keep the placed aired, with a good fire in winter and a comfy chair for each of you.  I even provide any drink, cakes and or biscuits – because you can do that in cyber space.
      Sometimes it will happen that there will be just thee and me but please don’t let that put you off having another try.
      If you don’t like the group times – what times would you like? Is Thursday morning better than Wednesday morning?   Would 2 hours on Tuesday or two on Thursday be better than one on Tuesday and one on Thursday? Help me to make the groups stronger.   All I need is ‘you’.

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