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      The little girl appoached and asked her last question to the teacher…”is this butterfly alive or dead?” while showing her closed hand. she thought the teacher can’t answer this question correctly. Because if he says “dead” she will open her hand and let it fly, otherwise squeeze and kill it. The teacher smiled and answered…

      It was a cold winter day, 18 years old boy was sitting in front of pc and showing her friends how he was winning playing online rulet using martingale system. He was betting 1 on black, each starting bet. if lose bet 2. if lose bet 4,8,16,32,64,128…
      and explaining how it is impossible to lose, because it is impossible to hit red 9-10-11 times in a row. When black hits, he was starting from 1 again. He was looking so confident, he was winning and smiling, WE were screaming, amazed by how making money is soooo easy…
      That day, 18 years old boy’s friend was opening his first account that evening after watching his friend. He was entering a new world and deposited his all pocket money… He was going to get a new sport car, new pc, laptop, everything he wants…
      It was a cold winter day…
      13 years passed quickly. And the result is 0 . It is always 0 . Bankroll limit always goes to 0.
      He spent all his money to betting online. He can predict if Kobe Bryant’s Score+Assist+rebound will be over 46.5 or not. But cant be sure, how he will pay his credit cards.
      He thinks twice when buying socks for 0.5 bucks, but doesnt think when betting 20.000 usd if Steve Nash will assist under 12.5 or not.
      He reads NBA player’s life to get a clue about match, but doesnt care about new books, because he cant focus.
      He is an expert bettor, but still has an awful life.
      He cant get excited anything about gambling,
      He lies to his girlfriend, his family, his friends,
      He lies to himself… This will be the last…I will get my money back…LIES…
      He is an addict…
      But he still has some hope.
      He will quit.
      He should be closed to a room for 2 years. No one should hear his screams…
      Maybe that works.
      I know. It’s all in MY hands. If i open, the butterfly will live. If squeeze, it will die.
      Maybe i am just a kid doesnt aware of the answer yet.

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