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      shemp’s mom

      my name is robin andi didn’t know where else to turn so i turned to the internet and came upon your group. i am recently widowed, my husband died by suicide, 8 months i lost my big brother to cancer and 4 months after i lost my favorite brother to knee surger gone horribly wrong. my husband was the buffer between myself and my son. my son is the one with the severe problem with addictions. he is away from the drinking, he is away from the drugs…now it’s gambling and he is taking everyone down with him this time. the last straw was saturday when he talked my dad (85 years old with moderate dementia), his grandfather into giving up the title to his caf for a 30 day title loan for $1500 to be paid back $2000 on march 5th, of which he has no intention of paying back. my dad’s caddy is my dad’s prized possession. it’s only a 2009 but my dad loves his car. he has forbidden me from seeing my granddaughters because i told him they are out of control. they are twins, 14 years old and no parental supervision. in the past 8 months they went from being sweet, innocent little girls to smoking, drugging and sexually active because of the actions of their dad and inactions of their weak mother. i came her for help and guidance. i am still in depression from losing my husband and brothers and am now broke from heling my son and no longer know what to do, where to turn or how to help him.
       Shemp's MomThe more I know about people, the more I love my dogs!

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