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  • Συντάκτης
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      I know they say it takes time
      To even make a rhyme
      Such sadness, developed from much madness
      I gambled with all my money,
      Money that was not even mine
      Time after time
      It wasn’t a victimless crime
      And now I don’t even have a dime
      No gambling to run to, no life to return to
      What can I learn, to replace
      This all consuming, endless disgrace.
      They say it will be fine,
      Somehow to me, when I crossed that line
      The only symbol I can see was the rapid decline of me.

    • #8437

      Ah I just wrote in my thread that I don’t do one day at a time .. It makes me feel impatient when I’m counting game free days

      Your poem however is saying to me … Don’t look too far ahead.. Make today the best today you can have, and do that everyday ..and then the future will take care of itself .
      I love your poetry. I always find myself thinking and understanding a little more!

    • #8438

      Yes, for today is all we have for sure any of us, if we can take care of ourselves today then tomorrow will take care of us and as for yesterday gone forever.

Επισκόπηση 2 απαντητικών νημάτων
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