10 days free of online slots!

So today is the 10th day I have not gambled online, it feels great and apparently I’ve saved nearly £500 if I were to gamble £50 per day which was an estimated guess I made, some would be money I’d won and put back on.... mostly it wasn’t!

It makes me cringe thinking about it in that way! The thing that worries me is that I am finding really easy, I’m not sure if that’s because I feel happy in my marriage (after lots of stress & arguments & covering up what I’d have spent to my husband) or the fact that I’m not doing it so money isn’t constantly making me feel ill!

I also don’t know if it’s a shift in my thought process because I’m being honest with myself & loved ones! I really hope it continues to be easy I’m sure I will have bad days but thankfully I’ve blocked all online casinos through gamstop so I know I can’t even if I wanted too!

One day at a time I’m feeling like my old self before I ever began to gamble and it feels amazing!