An awakening of my mind

Yesterday was the day I decided was going to be my last as a active gambler, I joined this site with my only expectatoin being that I myself had taken a small step toward ending my problem.. After I posted my journal and attended a group therapy I really started thinking about what this addiction is about and all of the ways I have manipulated and lied to loved one in order to get my fix.. I had never seen this as a selfish act nor did I have the self insight to know all of the self harm I was causing, dont get me wrong I know that is was a problem, but never did i go deeper than that.

I have had the chance to get some thoughts together, and just think of positive ways that I can change. If I had not found this site and talked to someone yesterday as I had I may be sitting in the casino today.

I thank those who gave me good advise and a warm welcome. I no longer feel like I need to hide, and what a relief that is.ohmy