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All About Recovery South Florida - USA

At the All About Recovery South Florida Outpatient program, the therapeutic focus is on developing new skills, practicing new behaviors and adjusting old negative attitudes

Problem Gambling Ireland

Free online resource for people negatively affected by gambling in Ireland. Only independent resource in Ireland (not affiliated with the gambling industry).

Northlands Independent Treatment Centre

Independent Addiction Treatment Centre

Cuan Mhuire Rehabilitation - Ireland

Cuan Mhuire is Ireland’s largest voluntary provider of Rehabilitation Treatment for individuals suffering from addiction and other related issues. Since its formation in 1966 by Sr. Consilio, Cuan Mhuire has treated over 75,000 people. Its main objective is the rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

福音戒賭中心 - 倫敦 中文華語 - London Chinese Speaking

多年前,幾位曾深受賭博纏累的基督徒,經歷神 憐憫重獲新生後,對仍然沈溺在賭博中的人,有極大的負擔,希望透過神福音的大能,幫助他們戒除賭博惡習,從賭 博的捆綁中解放出來。

Dr. Jorge Barraca Psicólogo Clínico - spain


Citizens Advice Bureau India

Citizens Advice Bureau India is a highly resourceful and reliable web portal for Indian Citizens. The combined experience and contact network of Citizens Advice Bureau India members serves to offer a range of services and advice that can cover all aspects of your business and touches on most sectors and industries.

Life Works Community

We are one of the leading private rehabilitation centres in Europe specializing in treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders, depression and other mental health problems.

Counselling Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

GMA Residential Application

Online Application to Gordon Moody Residential Treatment