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Iniciado e dirigido pelo Psicólogo especializado em Adição ao Jogo e outras dependências sem substância, Pedro Hubert, o I.A.J. tem vindo a coordenar esforços em todas as áreas que digam respeito ao jogo abusivo e patológico, em especial, no domínio do tratamento, da prevenção, da formação e da investigação.

Initiated and directed by the Psychologist specialized in Addiction to Gambling and other addictions without substance, Pedro Hubert , the IAJ has been coordinating efforts in all areas regarding abusive and pathological gambling, especially in the field of treatment, prevention, training...

The Responsible Gaming Foundation Malta

The Responsible Gaming Foundation’s aim is to create a wider awareness of the extent, possible causes and consequences of problem gambling in Malta with a view to preventing it and to provide the necessary support and advice to problem gamblers and their dependents in their recovery efforts.

Servicio Phishing Alert contra la suplantación de identidad

Con este servicio puedes impedir que nadie use tus datos para jugar online.

This one is for friends/families. You can block anyone else using your identity to gamble online through this link.

Adullam Life Counselling Singapore

Established in April 2013, Adullam Life Counselling is a registered society that provides counselling, practical support for

USA-Best Company Debt Consolidation Reviews and Resources

Debt consolidation is an effective way to conquer debt. The process involves combining debts into one, lower payment. Many consolidation companies are non-profit credit counseling agencies. They help clients create a debt management plan and negotiate with creditors for lower rates. In addition, they work with their customers to develop healthy money habits and create a budget.

Money Advice and Budgeting Service (Ireland)

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) is the only free, confidential, independent and non-judgmental service for people in debt, or in danger of getting into debt, in Ireland.

USA - The ConsumerAffairs Debt Consolidation - Credit Counselling

The debt consolidation industry offers solutions to combine multiple debts, such as credit card bills, or other loans into one monthly payment. This debt management solution may be helpful for the consumer with many outstanding debts, particularly debts with higher interest rates. The benefit of debt consolidation is to help consumers develop a workable budget, pay off debt and save money for retirement. Debt counselors offer a variety of services in local offices, online or over the phone to help with a debt consolidation plan

Independent financial advisers in Switzerland.

Independent financial advisers in Switzerland. The Spectrum IFA Group company TSG Insurance Services is licensed by FINMA. All our advisers are very experienced and qualified and are able to advise on Pillar 3a and QROPS.

Abhay Credit Counselling India

Advising on gaining access to structured financial system including banking

Creating awareness among the public about financial management

Counseling people who are struggling to meet the repayment obligations and helping debt resolution

Helping in rehabilitation of borrowers in

Citizens Advice Bureau India

Citizens Advice Bureau India is a highly resourceful and reliable web portal for Indian Citizens. The combined experience and contact network of Citizens Advice Bureau India members serves to offer a range of services and advice that can cover all aspects of your business and touches on most sectors and industries.