Good day all

On December 5 2019 i have gambled and lost money on roulette machines and these machine are everywhere you go in the street corners bars casinos etc even right next door to where i live there is one. I have been struggling to stop gambling over a period of time and i find myself going again. i am facing a demon head on and i am gonna win this battle. i am gonna conquer this monster in my mind. Today Friday 06th December 2019 I am going keep this

journal. It is a downward spiral that i am facing my wife is fed up and she decided she had enough and she filed for divorce. now i am left alone to fend for myself.

I will be losing my son to this horrible addiction. yes we tried therapy counseling etc. never remained committed and it failed. Now I see myself in this trap not wanting to leave the house to go anywhere. My wife was fed up of all the lies and stealing I did over the years in that destructive addiction.

I understand how she feels yet I am compel to go and gamble next door at that roulette machine. I admit i have a gambling problem. I admit It is a weakness. its has power and the

mind cannot with stand it. I have been faced with a lot of words that breaks my spirit and it feels like there no hope for me. I observe the way gambling does to myself as it pertains to health and well being. Heart diseases and diabetic problem are on a rise. I have not distracted myself away from gambling I need help in those areas like a child i need someone to pull me out of this rut. Yes I am 37 but the mind feels to be a child to help myself to overcome this. I will stay on this forum

and be thankful for the comments made.

Good luck. Hopefully as each day passes it gets a bit easier I'm coming up to 3 weeks but still keep thinking what I could have done with the money. I lost my savings in slots and feel so stupid it was a small amount compared to you (7000) but I disabled so don't have much of an income. Have you banned yourself from the sites yet? I come on here and read old articles when I feel the urge to gamble it helps. Stay strong you can do this

Thanks ryan i appreciate your comment man. Words do inspire us. Those roulette machines are found in bars and shops where i live. I used to go to the casinos as well

I Ryan , thanks for sharing your story. And congrats on makong it 3 weeks shows thats its posisble for me too. I can't wait until I've made it 3 weeks... I just lost the last 1000 of my savings to the slots today and I've finally had enough of my addiction. 

You have an incredible amount of mental toughness you don’t even know you have. I say that because you care here and told everything. You left nothing unsaid, to me that proves you have an incredible about of mental fortitude.

We are all fight various battles, but together we can fight this addition and come out a better person in the end. I’m not sure about you, but the thought of losing my family keeps me from placing any bets. Your son, your wife and you deserves better brother, use that as motivation to not gamble today. We don’t have to focus on being gambling free forever, that’s too hard to fathom, instead let’s just focus on being free from gambling today. Lets get through today and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

You can do this man. I have a lot to respect for you, and I’m here for you! Stay strong man.

I appreciate your comments craig. Yes lets focus on my now my present moment and taking it one step at a time. Like a child as mention i really appreciate words to move my mind away from this mental obstacle i have been trying to hard to STOP and walk away. Money has no more control over my mind. I will rise above this. I am going to rise above this. Been watching Santos Jr. Aka soldiers of self mastery videos on youtube and relapse yesterday felt so sick with my self now i have made my mind up to fully commit to this journal. 

Try to stay positive! Yes you failed yesterday and it hurts. It’s a miserable feeling but today is a new day. You can live your life on your terms now, without having to feed the addiction. You are in control. Stay positive. Life is what we make of it. Make life great today brother. I have faith in you! Anything to not gamble today! Lets do this, together!!!

Hello craig i just comment on your journal. I have decided today is new day and better days are ahead. I will stick to this forum for support. My wife asked me this if i was served with the divorce papers this morning. Situations like this triggers my urge to go out and gamble. I just got a check for$26670.00 will be cleared by next wednesday. It is gonna be a challenge for to resist that urge so i am seeking help from now before i selfdestruct. I want clear my debts loans and credit card but that serious urge to go and withdraw all of it to go into casino and win big will be riding my mind all day on Wednesday 11 December 2019. Please keep in touch with me.

I'm sure if you have read other stories on the forum you have an idea of what you need to do to get away from this behaviour. In a nutshell it is a) lose access to the places where you gamble. b) lose access to the means of gambling - i.e. stop the supply of money. c) find alternative ways of keeping busy so you don't have the time to gamble and d) get as much support for yourself as possible.

Now with a big sum of money coming your way - there is a challenge with b) and I wonder if there is some-one else that can manage your finances for you until you are strong enough to do this yourself. If not then I strongly suggest that you pay off as much as you can afford and put any money left into an account which is difficult to access. The more barriers in the way the better. Carry as little money on you as possible - just what you need from day to day.

I too was living in a town where slots were all over - including next door. In the end I decided to sell up and move elsewhere because I knew that the temptation there was too strong. I also was up front with any new friends that I made there about my problem - so that they wouldn't "lure" me into a difficult situation (invitations to casinos etc.)

As regards to d) you might want to check this out

Restoration Gamblers' Anonymous.

7:00 PM

Emmannuel Community

46 Rosalino Street


Trinidad, West Indies

I wish you well.

I am truly thankful for the advice i need to use in my life from this moment onwards. I should develop an good addiction to this site geared towards giving uplifting words and guidance to those who feel this way. I am thankful. Being alive and having a perfectly good health.

Are there any barriers you can put in place before you get that money next week.

Ask bank for a withdrawal limit or anyone you can let manage your finances. Be sure to stick around on here there is always people to talk to.

Thanks for the comments ryan. I am going transfer the money tru online banking so i will not be physically holding money. It wil be transferred to the loan account, credit card account, clearing up those debts. I been burn alot tru gambling. And quote Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result do not happen in the real world. Spinning top on mud. I am going to rise above this. I have lost over $400,000 within 5 years of gambling only on roulette machines. Never had a big win yet i keep going and going chasing after losses. Now i am lost the most valuable assest in my life.. my son. He will not be living with me. He will be with his mom in south africa. I am in Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you for words of advice and support.

You know you summed it up perfectly. You’ve lost over 400,000 in 5 years and never had a big hit yet. That’s the case with us all, while the amount of money we lose is different for us all, but the fact we have all lost money gambling proves one thing, we will NEVER get a head. We will always be in the hole. Even when we do get lucky and win, we eventually give it all back and some.

I vividly recall winning 10k off a sports parlay bet. I was so nervous as I followed that last game. Praying for a win. I did win. But I saw exactly 0 dollars of that win. Why bother with someone when it always ends the same way? Yes we might win but in the end we will always lose.

Stay strong brother! One day at a time!

Yes brother craig thanks for the support tru the words of inspiration

Sat 07 Dec 2019 Day 2

I am thankful for life good health and perfectly new mindset. I am choosing to remain positive about my life. I am being thankful for the support and encouragement to make wise valuable decisions in my life from this moment on and moving forward. Goal 1 clear off my debts, ppl i owe,personal loans,credit card. I got to get my life back away from that point where i first put money into the slot to play roulette. I need to get back the feeling of seeing my time as value and saving money for a better life despite the major loss i made by losing my family. I know it hurts it pains makes that urge come back again everytime the mind thinks abt it. Fight the good fight think positive stay positive be positive say positive words uplifting words to remew the mind. Self talk. This journal. I need to stick to it. Find a new activity get involve in something to distract my mind frm where it not suppose to be. I will i am going to start my new day filled with good hope and a strong mind. After all i read on the forum the same gut feeling everyone shares i been there and now i am making a brand new chapter of my life starting now i need to keep on keeping on. Thankful for all comments made. Lets keep up this new mind of staying stronger together in this fight for better life. People i love you guys i am thankful.

I am awake just had an afternoon nap and would you believe what was revealed to me or what the subconscious indicated that i was by the roulette machine right next door to where i live and was gambling. In the dream there were numbers in black 6, 26, 29 played, I dreamt that i placed all my money on 28 and big win came!!! On number 28! Oh my gosh my mind is in a battlefield even when i am asleep. I woke up with that one. Its my day 2 away from gambling. I am stopping. I got to. To save myself. Thankfully it was a dream. I am set free from this moment forward.

Glad to read you’re doing well with your quit.

Over 4 years ago I quit using chewing tobacco. I quit cold turkey and it was a miserable experience the first couple weeks. I too had many of dreams of me using tobacco. They would be so real I often times felt like I caved and used. I say this because I believe it’s normal for these dreams to occur because our bodies and minds are changing.

Lets make it through another day together. Another day of gaining our freedom back. Because when we gamble we are powerless over gambling and actually our lives as well.

I’m here with you brother! Stay strong!

Thank you brother Craig I do appreciate your share it feels good to pass that machine that clawed your life away now. i rise above it. and I am Very thankful. despite my heavy losses am gonna stand strong. Thanks for your comments. Keep strong my brother

Good day all

I just woke up excited to get on this website to start my day off on a positive note. Keep my mind on the goal i am going to achieve. This month i will clear off one of my loan with the 26k. Next paid off half of that 10k credit card. Then i have a loan of 46k to paid so my goal this time next year i am going to be debt free. My savings starting from the end of Dec 2019 i will set up a fixed deposit of $2500. per month. I going to make that start from this moment on. I got a well paid job and i intend to start changing lives of those who are deeply affected by this life threatening habit call gambling. My eyes are open to the truth GAMBLING IS A BIG FAT LIE!!! Thank you guys for inspiring me daily moment to moment. I going to be on top of it. Shouting it out i am a victor of this. I will continue to keep you guys posted.

Hello Seanraj and thanks for starting a thread in the Gambling Therapy forums

Here at Gambling Therapy we pride ourselves on being a caring and diverse online community who can help and support you with the difficulties you’re currently facing. We understand that this might be a tough time for you, particularly if you’re new to recovery, so come here as often as you need to and participate in the forums, access online groups and connect to the live advice helpline if you need one to one support. We’re in this together!

Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and accepting environment. The beauty of writing it all down is that you can take your time and you will be creating a record of your progress that you can look back on if it ever feels like you’re not moving forward. So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with you.

As well as the forums New Members are invited to join Charles in the New Members Practical Advice Group On Mondays at 21:00 (UK) and Thursday at 19:00(UK)

And on that note....

I’m going to hand you over to our community because I’m sure they will have some words of wisdom for you :-)

Take care

The Gambling Therapy Team

PS: Let me just remind you to take a look at our privacy policy and terms and conditions so you know how it all works!

The day flew pass it is great met with a friend told him abt my problem. He was shocked to learnt i gambled away over $xxx I am moving forward. Thankfully for being alive.

Sorry i haven’t been around much but I’ve been working a lot. God has blessed me with an opportunity to get out of the financial situation I’m in with this great opportunity. However it will be a lot of sleepless nights but that’s ok. I deserve it for all the pain I’ve caused others.

I’m glad you had a good day. You are on the right track and your post in another thread was spot on man. We have a platform to help others and in return it helps us.

Keep on keeping on brother. I will check in again tomorrow. Lets do this!!

I appreciate your comments craig. I want peace of mind, inner joy accountability and having an attitude of graditude self worth. We need to recognize our self worth.craig you are an amazing person. Observe the words that you say about yourself or to yourself daily moment to moment. 

Thank you brother. Stay positive. Stay strong. 

Good morning

Its day 4 and i am faced with the biggest challenge this week. I am gonna get my back my life. Forget the losses. The victory is overcoming this misery one moment at a time. Yes guys i appreicate all your support and encouragement. Blessings to all. Lets work together each passing moment to rise above this. We gonna be absolutely fantastic and highly favoured. Thank you all.

Hey brother! Awesome job. Your positive vibes are contagious. I appreciate your comments. I just try to be the best person i can be. I’m not perfect. I have plenty of flaws but I try to do the right thing in life.

Thanks for the video. Were you one of the guest? It was very motivating and informative. I appreciate you sending it to me.

Lets have a great day and be great at all we do, especially this gambling addiction.

We are all here to help! Lets do it!

Craig we are all perfect in different aspect of our personalities. I am thankful all the time . I was linked up to Mr. Santos live broadcast by volunteering. I will encourage you to continue to watch his videos. It helps alot. Show ur family as well they will be encourage to continue support. Most of all be positive and stay positive always. Thank you brother we shall rise above this. Moving forward. Saving for the best day of our lives. A thanksgiving for friends and family dont wait until you are gone do it now. Have a wonderful day.

Good day all i am free since thurs last i gonna keep this up keep at it.keep a strong mind. I am gonna stand up and let it know i am gonna put my money to good use.i gonna build new apartments. I gonna start purchasing buiding materials to begin this project. I gonna make it top priority above it all i will be investing my money into a business. So my mind is distracted from it self. Keeping in mind i am addict to recovery. To getting my message clear that i am free from it. I repeat the mantra Why Do Something Over &Over Expecting A Different Result. Live and let live. Helping others outta this hole. I gonna make that start after i read what everyone in here going through similiar heart aches and meltdwm like myself.i vow from this moment i am focus on positive growth. A shift played on my mind to channel positive energy to be a victor. The victory is ours once you know and aware of what you gonna do from this moment forward. Yes i am happy. I am positive abt life. Things are gonna be different. Day 5 here i come!! Thank you all for sharing. I appreciate it.

Resist renew my mind getting through the day keeping a positive mindset embracing myself for tomorrow. Facing the challange. I gonna to pay off those debts immediately without a doubt. I got to. To save my mind before it goes. I gonna be free. Be encourage to face tomorrow to remove those debts. Be free. Finanical freedom. I gonna have that ability to save the money to put to good use. I am alive and very thankful. Happy to say this with a positve energy.

Good Day All. I am on Day 6 and I begin my day with a positive vibe to focus on clearing off my loan paying my credit card and transfers fund to a fixed deposit. what a feeling it feels great fantastic and over the top. Man I am gonna make a brand new start in my life. Keep looking at my future and seeing my best life from this moment on. wow i feel really awesome i just transfer money online to my loan accounts and made credit card payments. no worries no stress and i am not holding big money in my hand physically! Online banking brother it helps. I am having a positive mindset to continue to rise above this each waking moment of my life. I am truly moving in the right direction. My wife spoke to me yesterday concerning our marriage she wants to make it work but she want full accountability on my part where our financial status is concern. I am feeling super fantastic!!! she says she gonna stick it out for the sake of our son. WOW WOW WOW!! I told her about my enrollment on this forum to get help and by helping others in the process. Amazing feeling things are looking positive. I am Thankful. The feeling I am feeling brothers Its really out of this world. Knowing what the mind has went tru over the couple of day ago. I am fully aware of the mindset and where it ought to be from this moment forward. to Help others in this addiction and to help other to become addicted to self worth. Thank you for comments and sharing. Stay positive and keep on keeping on.

Does this mean that you are not going to be divorced and will be staying together? If so, then I am sure you will be happy because I know losing access to your family was really troubling you.

It is great that you have shared that you are posting here and you may wish to let her know about the "families and friends" area of the website - so that she is aware of what to look out for in terms of your recovery.

Things are still very fresh for you - and you must ensure that you speak out if you are getting urges or temptations to gamble. I know when I was very involved with a self-help group and spending a lot of time helping others, the pressure got to me and led me back to gambling (if only a few small occurrences.) It is not selfish to put yourself first, rather it is self-ful, in that you are putting your recovery first. Take care. I wish you well.

Steev brother. I appreciate your words of true inspiration. Thank you man. Hope you are doing great as well. Yes we will be staying together. I showed our son of us being back together last night. He was so happy to see his dad and mum back together. Yes i am proud and i am indeed kicking this addiction away from my mind & into the next galaxy. Steev i see that you are here actively involved and i appreciate that. Following up on othèrs and pouring words of wisdom and empowering to see the better picture of their life. Blessings to you man wonderful work. I am happy to read that you are free frm this 10yrs nw wow man keep it up and continue to aspire others in their quest for greatness. Be addicted to recovery. Be addicted to positive well being. Be positive always. Thank you brother Steev.

I promise I didn't.

You said nice things about me.

I said I'm not sure I agree with you.

I deffo didn't ignore you.

You are a nice lad.

Please know that I saw, read and responded to every word.

Sherrie x

Hi sherrie I appreciate your feedback. I am curious about what you dont agree to. I am open minded to learn each waking moment of my life. We are here for a common goal to be addicted to self worth and recovery. 


Just you saying you think I am nice. I don't feel nice.

Here I am thinking you disagree with a topic or something I said about gambling. Sherrie you are gonna be a better person for this moment on. Believe in yourself. Observe the words your are saying to yourself. Be mindful of the thing you allow into your life, be aware of your thoughts. You can start doing self talk mirror talk speak affirmation to yourself each day. Stop and be positive. see things that not seen. You are an amazing person. Be thankful that you are amazing always from this moment on. 

One week without placing a bet wow i made it. You know basically every other day with whatever little money i may have in my pocket i would find myself in front of roulette machine at earliest of time to chase my losses. Man i remember as early as 7 am i was in the city mind torturing myself losing $1000. And i dont have money to travel to pay bills or even buy food. I just hang around the machines and pretend i am playing calling out sure numbers that will play, for those who are on the roulette, who are winning big getting the numbers. While i just loaf around by the machine i would look defeated and wait for someone who won big, to hand me a $100. I would say thank you and walked away with regrets of me stepping into that casino. Sometimes when i am on a roll winning those workers at the casino would cheer me on cashing out big winnings. But it was never winnings. I will never ever win all that money i give away. I basically make those casinos rich by giving my hard earn money away.

I say all that to say that today i am moving forward turning each day of my life a new page afresh renew mindset of positive energy and i am gonna keep that same energy. I gonna attend that first GA meeting tomorrow. I made my mind up to go. So to everyone in this forum reading this after many relapses and regrets i am please to inform you i am GF for seven days. Last thurs i lost $6000. Now i am gonna rise above this and help others to see where gambling is a big lie. Why Do Something Over & Over Expecting Different Results? Thank you all for reading and sharing. Stay positive and lets value our self worth.

Hey brother,

Glad to read you’re doing well. You have a great outlook on defeating this addiction. You have all the tools in place to be successful. While there will be tough days, I know you can get through them with a positive outlook. All the pain, all the stress, all the money lost, all the time lost, all the relationships lost, all the hurt, it’s not worth it. You’re so right the money we lost is lost, we will never get it back. Even if we win 50k, we will never actually see that money bc we will continue to play and lose all of it right back.

Living a life of peace and happiness beats the addiction lifestyle. Do I enjoy gambling? Absolutely! But I don’t enjoy all the extra stuff gambling brings. All the lies!

Lets live life on our terms ! Lets be responsible for our lives and our situation by making the most of today! The only way that’s possible is to be gambling free!

Let me know how the GA meeting goes! I’m interested to know.

Have a great day brother. I’m here for you. Lets do this!

I always appreciate your comment brother Craig. Today i took my son out shopping. He was happy when i brought him a gaming console. I was happy to see the joy in his face. Now i gonna cherish moments like these. I will continue on my pathway of positivity. I paid off an old bill i had from jan 2019. I cleared that off. I am happy abt it. Got back hm connected the game console and we started playing the games there were: metal slug street figher 2 super mario bros. Mortal kombat 1,2 , and of course my son absolute favorite sonic the hedgehog games.....!!! Boi was he happy. I am proud of him he did well in his standard 1 end of term tests. Money cant buy happiness but it buys thingz to bring that joyfulness. I felt great i have put the money to good use. And i am happy i have accomplish that moving forward. I am addicted to having a complete love of joy and self worth. Blessings to you my brother . May you see that life is better without gambling. Positive energy. Keep posting bro.

Wow day 8 i seeing a better reflection of my life as each moment comes by. I may want to rethink abt all those times i spent squandering away the hard earn money to trigger that urge but today is a different day and i am rising above that past life and moving forward. Time i become one with my now and begin living in my moments where i put more and more value to self worth.i am truly joyful and most of all grateful for this forum this platform helps to lift my thoughts to see a better life. A new chapter of life starts now brothers and to those who are following my tread continue to be encourage to start living your best life now! You gonna be positive and sent that positive energy to anyone who comes in contact with you. Stay bless everyone and be thankful that you are making that difference now to save yourself. Stay strong. Its day 8 and i am gonna make a positive change from this moment on.

Good day all

9 DAYS without placing that $20 , $100 into a roulette machine!! Amazing feeling being GF. I gonna maintain this awesome feeling man it is great!! I am happy. I gonna keep this positive mindset it is doing wonders for my life from at this moment on moving forward. I am living my awesome life at very this moment. Greatness to achieve in having a perfect health your mind to become more positive. Renew thy mind. Refocus on the thoughts that uplifts you. Self talk. Mirror talk. Keeping a journal on your life progression.

To those who are reading my posting and are new here please note that i am doing it and you gonna do it. Reboot rewire your mindset. Rethink and observe your thought patterns. Know your self completely. Have a wonderful day and stay bless.

You’re doing great man! Keep coming here daily! Keep being positive with this quit, and keep on keeping on!

Life is such a blessing and being able to make positive changes in our live is truly remarkable. We all make mistakes but we all don’t learn from them!

Love the outlook, love the energy! Rewire that brain my partner. Gambling is for losers. Gambling takes away so many important things in our lives. Gambling has caused us such heartache and hurt. We no longer gamble because of those reasons! No gambling today!

I am very appreciative of your comments bro. It helps you know in a human to human concern and true well being. Taking time out to acknowledge others who are deeply affected by this habit. I am aware of my mind wave length were the thoughts of  going to gamble to win it big, the relapses and the self pity as a result of  consequences faced after a big lost!  let me basks in the glory of my own self worth as of now filled my with giving back throught help and support of close frens. I am thankful. Moving forward turning my life 360 round. Being grateful. Having a mantra keeping a positive journal let us focus on things above this phyiscal thing. Love the higher Almighty

Hi Sean

You are completely right - no amount of negative self-labelling , battling urges, barriers etc will stop us gambling. We need to rewire our brains so that other things take over from gambling and what better than positive self -talk?

Keep strong - you are doing great !

Ms Jane you are amazing person. Lets focus on staying. Love and peace. Continue stronger. Keep on living your best life now. You got this new positive emotion stay on course and be absolutely 100 percent happy about who you are now. Congrats on being GF! Keep on keeping on.

God bless 

Yes i am feeling super fantastic abt my life now. Free from it all wow absolutely fantastic gonna accomplish goal finanically without being drowning in debts. I am rising above this. I grow stronger each day. Greatness of my mind gonna stay with me living in moments of joyfulness happiness and greatness. Being thankful always for this precious element of life and the ability to touch others in a way where their mind gonna change into saying more and more positive words about them selves. Life is meant to be great start living now. GF 10 days and i am gonna continue treading on my positive energy levels. Thank you all your support and positive comments

Day 10 the ten things i am thankful for each moment on my pathway of self worth. 1.Thankful for aliveness within me. 2. Thankful for truth understanding and knowledge to do the right thing 3. My need for being patience 4. The calmness of mind during a storm 5. Thankful for perfect health and wellness of mind 6. Thankful for a wonderful day 7. Being the bigger person at this time rising each moment above that habit 8. Thankful for giving and receiving little blessings
9. Thankful for good advice and direction from a brother. 10. Thankful for the little things in life that makes me shout: "i am gonna stand strong."

Hello all

Day 11

. Moving forward. Staying positive . GF always. Thank you. Just checking in. Peace love and blessings to all.

That's a great attitude you have Sean. It does feel good being gamble free. 11 days is fantastic! you're almost at two weeks! I am 9 days gamble free. Have been to two GA they have GA meetings where you live? I am finding them really helpful, to be around people who have the same problem. 

Thank you for your support and having a positive output. To me each moment away from that habit gives me a better a perfect health. Yes i am feeling great about my renew health after i have been free from that kicked habit. Wow. Feels awesome. So you greatest reward for completely kicking that habit is your getting a perfect health. Thank you. Keep on keeping on

Last yr it was a misery for the family paid most of the bills and gambled away $6000. Again, this time last yr. The family suffered and the lies continue what was done at that time was done.

Moving forward i gonna move on pressing towards achieving goals that are set out to accomplish. I am gonna continue on this pathway of self worth recovery and helping others tru this forum and any other mediums. I appreciate all the comments recieve yes as we all continue the journey onwards to a better; brighter future of freedom finanically. Being more and more healthy each moment from now and continuing.

Loving the joyful feeling of enjoying the simply life and appreciating what i have. Give thanks. Give love. Be positive. Stand firm in believing better and happiers times are happening now. Yes live it ;enjoy it; dance& sing; be merry for such is life as the time we got is now. Rejoice and live life to the fullest. I am thankful ; i am breathing freely on this 12days. Lets us give praise and thanks to the higher power. Thank you all. Be bless and stay bless my friends

Be mindful be aware of your thought patterns observe where you are and where you gonna be at this point of your life. Break it to make it! We fall to rise up again to be triumphant in our lives despite what had done. Thank you 

I am more focus on my health gonna hav a perfect healthy body and mind. I am thankful i am 13 days free. I am happy rejoicing each moment being free. this has been my longest time, since i ever stayed away from that roulette machine. Onward forward i am jolly for this merry season. May the peace and goodness of this wonderful time be with you all always. Stay positive. Keep focus. Continue aiming for your goals. Day 14 here i come!!!


I am moving on forward. I had a session with the therapist yesterday and she was really proud of my positive mindset. I told all what i have been doing to kick that habit. Being addicted to self worth and recovery

I am focus on a perfectly healthy mind & body. I am thankful and i am at a peaceful state. My wife told me she call the lawyer and cancel the divorce. I felt a heavy block being lifted off my shoulders. Its was a positive sign. I am delighted in sharing the changes happening when you are living your best life now with a positive mind set.

Thank you

Thank you for the post on my thread! You are doing great. Stay positive. I was so glad to read that your Wife is giving you another chance. Be there for your family. Gambling destroys everything! Stay strong!

I cant believe its been 15 days already and here i was back then wondering would i be able to make it pass day one. Moving forward staying positive. Being thankful. I believe i am doing this with a positive mindset so can others. This habit is really a battlefield of the mind. Observation of the tread of thoughts and its patterns. Now i am more and more focus on perfectly good health. Focus on my self worth. Self recovery. Rewiring of the mind.

I am stronger each moment away from that habit. Iam feeling awesome abt my renew health feeling absolutely great. Thankful for that wonderful feeling. Yes moving in the positive direction

Well done Seanraj

You have done so well - keep going !

Thank you for your kind words. Do have a bless season. Enjoy your holidays. Keep on keeping on

Wow its a great day today feeling awesome refresh and renew i am embracing my now moments and living my life GF!!! Thank you all for your shared conments. Keep on keeping on

Good day all as xmas draws close i am happy each moment i am gonna to always keep pressing on. Focusing on self worth and recovery. A wonderful feeling to be free of this grip. I am thankful for being feature on that youtube broadcast yesterday Sun 22 Dec 2019. Happy Holidays all. Keep on keeping on. Stay positive be thankful. the joy of this season being GF is the best gift i give myself, which mean a renewed mind renew health mentally and physically. Living more in my moments. Encouraging others to focus on the brighter side of life. Yes better days are now. I got my mind made up and i am gonna move forward because i got a refocused mindset on self worth.

Goodday all. Happy holidays. Continue to stay on course with self worth and recovery. Constantly rewiring my mind. Thankful always. Enjoy your day all. Stay positive. Thank you.

Hi Sean.

I just watched the YouTube video you were in it was really good and you spoke really well and gave good advice. I wouldn't have the confidence to do something like that so well done.

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas.

Good day ryan. Of you course you can brother. You are able to build self confidence. Once you set your mind out to do or say what you gonna awesome at it. Thank you so much for the comment bro. I appreciate that alot. It helps in self recovery and the ability to rediscovery my own self worth. It takes courage to do what you do bro being on my tread. Thank you. I hope you are enjoying your xmas holidays and looking forward for a better GF 2020. Congrats on your progress man keep it up.  

I have just read your thread brother and let me say I commend your strength but more so I am amazed at how kind and compassionate and positive you are to not only others, but yourself in this difficult time. Not even knowing you I can tell that you are a great person, selfless. Caring, warm Hearted family man that got overpowered by this addiction just like myself and many others. It’s so good you are posting and tracking your thoughts and progress, I truly thing it helps keep us accountable so we don’t slip up. Like you I had chased losses and dug a deep hole of debt, lost a gf, lost my business, lost every available money and didn’t have e a job, forcing me to move back in with my parents at age 30. It just goes to show this disease does not discriminate bro. It will show us rock bottoms that we never even knew existed, and we will never live a happy life if there is gambling involved. You are on the right track and 20 days gamble free is a huge accomplishment for a compulsive gambler, do know it only gets better as the gamble free days go on. Let’s never forget what this addiction did to us, and use it as a lesson to grow as human beings. It truly sounds like you never want to gamble again. I really hope it works out for you ahd your wife and son, and you get that happiness and joy back like we all had before gambling. It’s still there, and it’s a beautiful life without trying to become a millionaire hoping a ball lands on a number of 37 chances. If you really think about it... we are better than that. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Wishing you all the best for 2020, you are worth it and you deserve it my man. God bless

Happy merry xmas brother. I appreciate your feedback encouragement and guidance. I am gonna keep focusing more and more on self recovery and loving myself. Despite thiz bro wife is going through with divorce because she hasnt trust me like before. I have broken the trust too many times becuz of the gambling addiction. I have taken full responsibility for my actions and accepted the consequences of it. Now i am gonna focus on self worth. I am focus on constantly rewiring my mind at this time. I am gonna enjoy life and move on to a new chapter of my life in 2020. Yes brand new day and i am happy. 

Thank you for kind words brother. Continue to stay strong with positive thinking man. It helps this forum has certainly help me.

Have a wonderful holidays Stephen. Keep on keeping on. Bright and glorious new year 2020 GF.

That mind set is what will get you through the dark days and keep you going until gambling is a distant memory. I can only imagine your pain of losing your wife and son man and I truly have no words to say how amazing you are for accepting your wrongs , a lot of us would point blame on the other person. I always say if we work on ourselves and we are content, we Will attract others with the same positive and happy lives. I believe your wife will be amazed at your progress and as cliche as it sounds, your actions are stronger than your words and you are showing not only her but yourself that you can get your gamble free life back and never look back. I believe 2020 will be gamble free for both of us, you can just kind of tell through someone's posts when they have seen the light... when I was deep into my relapses you could tell I wasn't ready to quit, but now when I speak of gambling and I read your posts too.. there is a sense of calm and relief that the worst part of the storm is over. Each day gamble free bring a a little less rain until there is nothing but sunshine brother. Take care of yourself and keep on posting. We all have your back here.


Bless day Stephen. Thank you brother. I appreciate your comments. Wow 20 days without that feeling you all know. I am staying strong despite of. I am focusing on positive affirmations and this forum has given me that upiftment. I appreciate it alot. Man it is a vigourous journey so many things we have felt and keep telling ourselves over and over. I am moving on. I respect all those who are coming on this forum seeking help and recovery. Stephen i really admire your courage and the encourage you give on this forum. Very inspiring man esp when you highlighted the years men on GA are and how we are recognizing it at an early time to completely stop before we reach 60- 70 yrs living in mounted debts and regrets. Got nothing to show for it. That stuck on note in my conscious. Thank you for highlighting that brother. Please continue doing what you doing be that beacon of hope for others. God bless you and your family this christmas season. Stay positive. Thank you

It seems like only a few days ago that you were saying that your wife had pulled out of the divorce, so sorry that she has changed her mind.

Keep strong and focus on your recovery. If she can change her mind once, she can again and if she sees you putting your all into being gamble free then she may be ready to trust you again.

You have put a lot of effort into this site in the short time you have been here. It has been noticed! Keep posting and keep doing what you are doing. Have a good Christmas.

Good day. I appreciate your comments brother. Yes it a mind game i am faced with. But i am focusing on myself to rediscover my self worth each moment. Steev i must commend you and the advice you gave to those coming on this forum. You definitly touch and move lives on this forum. You are truly a blessing man please keep up that positive mindset and be that light in someone elses dark path of this habit. You are remarkable coming out of that darkness you have indeed shown alot of motivational advice on this website. Thank you brother. Please be safe in France i have seen the news. Do have a wonderful time being GF. Enjoy this festive season. 

Best days of my life moving forward. Such a glorious feeling of amazement that i have wonderful being on this forum. A special mention to: STEEV, RYAN, CRAIG, VERA, JANE(IDI) LIZ, STEPHEN, SHERRIE and KIWIMAC, such incredible and wonderful kindred spirits to take time and post their feelings on this tread and the forum in helping not only their selves but for others here seeking redemption. 20 days and i am thankful its the best xmas i could give myself the perfect health and mind. To those i mention above I am truly truly grateful for your support on this forum. I am so happy i found you all. Thank you for that great connection. Its is life changing for me. Being on this forum each and everyday gives me the reassurance that life is better moving forward into a positive direction. I deeply express my sincere Thank You. May this joyful season/holidays brings the peace and warmth life has to offer. Please enjoy your life. Keep on keeping on. Blessings to you all.

Well done on your gamble free time, Sean and also on your "TV"appearance.

As Steev says, if your wife can change her mind once, perhaps she will do so again.

Nothing is written in stone. When she sees the efforts you are making, things might take a U turn. She did show her support by coming on to the show.

Be patient. Stay focused.

Good day vera. Thank you for your comments. I will be patient and of course focusing on recovery and self worth. Do have a wonderful time with your family and friends. I am home relaxing playing video games with my son.

Stay positive. 

Hi Seanraj

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you in the groups. Your positivity is uplifting. I hope you hve the most fabulous gamble- free New Year.

Bless holidays to you and family. Thank you for the comments. Its a pleasure to meet you as well and of course we shall keep upto date on our progress each day. I appreciate you all on this forum. I know you gonna be GF for now on and moving forward.

Stay positive.

Moving forward three wonderful weeks of gaining back my perfectly healthy body and mind. I am giving thanks always for the 3 weeks and continue to be consistance in focusing on positive thinking rewiring renewing the mind each moment. Those urges for self worth is taking over my mind. I am gonna stay on the pathway of it. Loving the moments and keeping this brand new mindset of living positive and focusing on the beauty that life has to offer each moment i am alive and awake. Loving life to the maximum... embracing this new found joy of living a clean and happy life with a smile on my face i conquer each day moment by thinking of living my best life. Thinking saying positive words to reframe my mindset. Observe the beauty of my thoughts now and being in an amazed by the renewal of pure goodness and simple living. Enjoying sharing giving and supporting those who are gonna better themselves. Thank you all for your support on this forum. I am gonna accomplish my goals set out for 2020. I am planning on new things. And as we progress into the new year i will keep you all inform of my progress. Be bless and stay on that self worth path.

Good day all

Keeping and staying true to that mindset of self worth. Thankful for a new day and a each moment i am focus on perfectly good health.

Staying positive on the pathway of self recovery

Hi Seanraj

Nice to read your inspirational message!

Keep strong

Hi Seanraj

Nice to read your inspirational message!

Keep strong

Thats where our minds ought to be right now and moving forward. I gonna keep on that self recovery path despite of. I am gonna be a better person now and staying positive always. Living in the present moments observing the thoughts the mind is emitting now and keeping it renew as a each passing by i am aware of where i am and where i ought to be doing. At the moment i am thankful to give back and words are seeds so once planted and nurtured the right way those seeds will take root and grow into a wonderful and amazing feeling of change and accomplishments. Do keep posting Jane you are dping excellent. 

Its the last weekend of the year of decade and yes alot will be happening those who get their salaries yerterday and those who are wanted to win big at the casinos bar pubs etc. I am gonna stay positive on my self worth!! I had a discussion with Wayne, a CG, i remember seeing him betting on the roulette machine when i used to gamble. I saw him selling fruits on the side of the road in the village where i lived, so i decided to have a talk with him. I  started by asking how is everything he told me he out here making a honest dollar during the holidays. I asked him if he still gambles on the roulette he told he stopped betting big, off and on he will bet with a $20 or a $40 dollars and thats it. Once he wins $100 and over he will cash out. He told me before he gambled away $100,000 in one day time. I was stunned by this, he said that those roulette machines destroyed alot of families lives and even caused a high suicide rate among young adults, who cant stop and have mounting of debts. I told him i just losted over $4*** in 5 yrs and his replied was he lost well over 2 million. I knew him from rearing animals and having a farm. His story is one of many and i am thinking i am gonna help those who seem like there is no hope in coming out of gambling . The floor is open for your suggestions on this forum how do i make a difference. Where do i start and how do i go about this making that difference to those who are gambling in those roulette machines?. Here in Trinidad since the introduction of those roulette machine which are found in mostly bars pubs and casino the Chinese have imported alot of those machines to establish themselves. They hooked many people into losing their monies and they are getting richer everytime people choose to bet all their money away. I was one of those who also got caught up as well and now as a reflection i am gonna start to make that difference in those lives who are affected with this problem, With you all help of course. Any suggestions concerns questions will be helpful. I am gonna print out a flyer to highlight the positive life of living gamble free and how to start or begin your steps to self recovery and to discover self worth. I know there will be those who are ashame to even admit to this problem. How do we see that only by hitting rock bottom lets try a different to avoid hitting rock bottom and stop! How do recognize it? When we actually stop? Do people who gamble on these roulette machines do it for fun or the thrill of it? How do we as people who are discovering self worth and recovery be that beacon of hope to those who are in distress? Where do we start? Do we start by waiting for those who are willing to admit to this problem? How? I never saw no advertise on self recovery from this addiction no where not in the streets newspapers media etc. Only on the internet. I am thinking here most people who gamble some may access the internet and seek help but there isnt a GA close by the one GA up in the capital city. I am thinking of setting up one in the south area. How do i go about establish that? I know alot of AA groups in the area. I worked as a security officer for 10 years at the schools in the district so i have a idea should i team up with AA ? Please i would love to read your suggestions. I am gonna help those in need of getting out. I thank you.

These are my suggestions, Sean.

1. Look after your own recovery.

2. If you are interested in starting a GA group in your area, ask one or two members from your previous GA group to go with you. Advertise the Meeting in local GP surgeries, churches and casinos. Just put up a small notice. (CGs will not be affected by flyers. A small notice, well placed will be far more effective)

3. Don't try to rescue people. (I did that for years. It doesn't work. Every person needs to ask for help in his/her own time. Neither you nor I can take one step for another person)

4. Introducing a gambler to a well established AA group sounds sensible. Like GA, AA is a Spiritual programme. The fundamental 12 Steps can be adapted to all types of addiction.

5. If you get even one other gambler to attend a GA meeting, use the official GA literature. You will need to get consent from GA headquarters to to this, as far as I know. Keep it anonymous. The threat of being "found out" is what stops most people going to GA. There are GA Conventions and Awareness Groups available worldwide . Anyone can attend those or if interested people are free to attend Open Groups.

These are just my thoughts, Others might have better/different suggestions. In my experience , when I was acting under the guise of helping others, I was deflecting from my own recovery.

God bless your efforts!

I appreciate your positive feedback and i am gonna take all into great consideration. Point well taken abt self recovery firstly since i just recently stop. Its an idea i had when i decided to stop. But i relapsed and i didnt bother with it until today. I really appreciate all that you have typed vera for taking time out to give those wonderful suggestions. I understand fully and i will attend that GA meeting on the first fri 2020. Thank you vera.

I would agree with all the points that Vera has made - and I would reiterate that you need to put your own recovery first.

When I was involved in GA, I took on a lot of tasks and ultimately the stress became so much that I gambled again after 3 years of being gamble free.

I know you want to get the word out there and to help others, but you must look after yourself first and foremost. If people see you doing this then they may come to follow your example.

I had a feeling that you have not been to GA in your country because it is a long way off. Can I suggest that you go to a meeting or two before trying to start one in your area - so that you can see what happens and maybe you will find someone who can support you. Better to do this with others, and with some experience of GA.

Otherwise keep posting here and encouraging us all in our efforts to remain gamble free. I wish you well.

I appreciate your feedback and being honest. After 3 years GF what was your mindset at that time before that relapse? What was the task you took is it from GA meetings? Do GA groups gave you tasks to complete? I research GA on youtube and found not much abt what happens in the meetings. I dont know if it is a secret society type of meeting? I know alot of AA groups in the area. Basically everyday there is a meeting at each of the schools in the district. Tonight i will be attending AA meeting and i am gonna speak abt this gambling addiction. So i will inform you of my progress. Again i am gonna focus on my self recovery. There are no thoughts or urges of going to gamble.

Thank you steev. Stay strong brother. 

I'm not sure I thought about it very much (and it was a very long time ago,) but from what I remember - I got stressed out - went out for a drink ... there was a machine in the pub and ... well you know the rest. I had to resign what I was doing because no-one who is gambling can hold a position in GA. In the UK the set up is at local, regional and national level but that might be different in different countries.

GA is based on AA so has a lot of similarities but is more geared to gamblers - obviously. I would be interested in how it goes with AA. Just keep looking after yourself!

Wonderful moments. I feel so refresh. I feeling absolutely awesome. Feel good feelings rushing over me. Renewing my mind. Refocusing on my self worth. Not one urge came to me. Got money in my pocket got bank cards credit cards in my wallet and i am feeling so good about my life. I love it. Thankful for having a perfectly new healthy mind body and spirit. Blessings to all who read this. Thank you. Stay positive.

1:43am Monday morning... unable to fall asleep. I visited my mom on 29/12/2019 in the neighborhood i grew up . In 2016 i moved out with my family to rent in a apartment a few miles away from where i lived, due differences betwen my mom and lee my wife.

I met "child" a childhood friend we spoke ketchup on stuff and i told him abt the divorce. And i will be moving back to my house with mom. He was taken aback by the news. I told briefly abt my what happen didnt mention gambling i told i am recovery addict that brought abt the divorce. Child asked and what abt small man i told him he will be going to south africa with his mom since my mom is unable to take care of him while i am in work. I told him i am not fighting it. And i am agreeing to everything to what lee wants. Child has choosen to live a single lifestyle. Reason is unknown all he said was "he cyar with ppl problems". I told him i cyar live like that with that i left.
I went over to Andys barber shop and got a mark. I told andy plans to move back by my mom and to begin a new home construction. He reply that renting is dead money and i reply i am getting a divorce. He asked abt what happening to my son i told him he is going to sa with his mom. He stated to choose a good contruction skilled  man to do the home construction. I told him when everything is settle we will discuss further.

Now i am awake cant sleep with the reality of not being able to guide and correct my son behaviors and to develop better attitudes. Since lee and him do have alot of tension between themselves. One moment they are having fun together wrestling each other on the bed watching youtube videos and making snapchat photos and videos. While all that is happening i would leave them alone i dont be involved because i like my peace of mind. Suddenly an big arguement would start between them when i inquire to what is going on lee would said to me he is being disrespectful and when she tells him to go to his room he would start shouting: "i doh wanna see you ever again i am going kill myself" I spoke to my son a couple of times abt that type of behavior and he tells me he is stressed out. He is 7yrs old! I told my therapist abt this and she told me to bring him in for counseling. My nxt appointment date feb 06th 2020. I am faced a dilema. Should i fight for my son to stay with me or let him go to sa? To get a better life there? To learn a strange difficult language afkrican when he is still learning english? How would he cope being without me being there for him? Would lee pay more attention to him? Or simply create new tension. I will speak to my wife abt this and hear what type of methods will best be applied.  

I take my son to the playpark to play cricket football and get some excerise as well. He eats alot like his mom. A bad habit. I talk abt it and it response i get is that is their bodies and not mines so back off!. I am eating healthy; less meat less flour more veggies peas salad cucumbers fruits and plenty of water. But this xmas i admit i had cheat meals. I gonna stick to eating healthy and focusing on self worth.

I taught him abt Proverbs 15:1. Explain to him that scripture verse. He was feeling upset abt it and i reassure him that i love him and i do care abt him. I am gonna set up a saving plan for him starting in jan 2020 for university or what ever he desires at his 18yrs. Gambling really messed up my life my wife throws the negative remarks abt getting money back frm the casinos and the women it have there. She would say these things in front of our son. Smh!

I lying in the bed with lee and after 9yrs of marriage i dont feel comfortable at all. Knowing the hurt and resentment cause by gambling addiction.

I am 25 days GF. I feel awesome despite the consequences faced in the coming days towards the 27/01/2020. Divorce hearing at the high court. I am deep in thoughts and i thought abt journaling all of it. I need to it helps me reflect. During in my teenage years I kept a journal to help myself. I wrote short stories and drew comics strip in 1997. It help my mind to be sane. Wow i did alot of editing on this. Thank you for taking the time out to read this. I do appreciate all who comment and follow my tread. Thank you so much. Lots of love.

It's a very difficult situation and it sounds like your son needs you and moving to a different country although it could be a fresh start might be tough on him if he is really close to you. Does your wife have family in SA.

Maybe talk to your wife about staying in the country you are in and explain your thoughts on wanting to be there and guide your son.

Its hard to say what you should do with regards to custody but you sound like a great dad and I'm sure you will make the right decision

How are you doing man. Staying positive always. I understand your frustration at this time having litte or no cash. I feel that pain bro i have been there many times broke n despair. I know you gonna recover and keeping positive each day on this site hs helped both of us thus far let us keep encouraging each other on our path of self worth.

My wife has all of family in south africa she havent seen them going on 9yrs. So she haz made plans to start over bk at her home. 

I am gonna face this decision and rise above it.

Thank you ryan. You are an amazing person.

So give me reason To prove me wrong To wash this memory clean Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes Give me reason To fill this hole Connect the space between Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies Across this new divide There was nothing in sight But memories left abandoned There was nowhere to hide The ashes fell like snow And the ground caved in Between where we were standing And your voice was all I heard That I get what I deserve

Bless day to all. Happy ole years day. A day to reminisice just alittle abt your reflection of 2019. Keeping track of our minds. Our thoughts during 2019 here on this forum. I am truly grateful for being here each and everytime to read the thoughts on self recovery and self worth. Keeping track of my progress. Wow i am GONNA be living a glorious life from now until... i got positive energy vibes just flowing throughtout my entire being. My mind is constantly being rewired renew each moment i am alive. I am very thankful for just being who i am now and thinking of each new moments of living life gracefully. Wow what an amazing feeling to feel. Thank you all for reading my tread. Onwards into 2020 GF.... keep the focus only on healthy habits and healthy minds. Stay focus on self worth. Be rediscovered by the renewing of thy minds. Be free. Be thankful. Have beautiful attitudes. I thank you.

Good new years day to all Day27

As i step in 2020 with good health and a sound mind i am gonna keep a positive attitude. The be attitudes Reflect on the teachings of the Christ. Be the light that shines onto the path of darkness. Lets us as journey along life continue to enjoy life by rediscovering our renewed mindset for 2020. Think refocus rewire constantly new words ideas that fills your mind with that positive energy to influence changes to yourself and others close to you. Lets us bond and unite in this quest to gain financial freedom create new thoughts and discuss ways of having a enjoyable life. I am thankful for this awesome website to visit and read this emotion of ppl who are gonna be themselves before that first bet. The mindset where money time and more importantly health are more valuable! Thank you all who supported and encourage me on this forum i am humble and sincere for all the comments made. For my heart and mind is healed and is rebooted in a new diminesion wave in thinking. Betterment, strong possibilities, positive outcomes, financial growth and security perfectly good health awesome life freedom and yes helping and giving back to those who in need of help. We all are gonna give back it is better to give and the more you give the more you start living. Life is your gift that keeps on giving make the best of it. Perfect example shown and taught by the life of The Christ.

Happy New Year Sean.

Thank you for your support in the groups and on the forums. You being so much positivity to the site.

I am looking forward sharing a gamble free 2020 with you on the site !

Good day all its a lovely thursday here in trinidad the sun is out the atmosphere is cool. Today my son and i are buying a new tyre for his bmx bicycle i showed how to take the wheel of bike and took the tube of. So i am keeping my mind fully occupied with activities. After which we will go out for riding on the bike. We are gonna keep our mindset in productivity mode. To uplift share and encourage others to get back their lives. I spoke to a new home owner on how he went about constructing his new home. He was very kind to tell me everything from scratch from foundation to presently. Materials purchase advise on choosing good builders. He told me to check him any time for advise. I was so thankful for that information. He told me to go into his home and take a look. I am a total stranger to this guy he dunno who am i yet he trusted me to take a look however the experience of getting good advise was really appreciate his wife and kids were also there. They were renting for over 14yrs and now they have a home for this new decade. I am renting 3 yrs nw and i gonna start to build my new home. Keeping my mind active and rewired for better future for myself

Stay positive. Keep on keeping on

Keep going strong. It's awesome you are thinking about the future building a new home. Sounds like you and your son are really close from this and previous posts. Quality time with close ones is what we need to keep occupied.

Good day ryan the only way for me now is to keep active to be engage in things that is gonna be an investment for a better future financially. Time is now. So step by step day by day each moment i am planning keeping myself busy to distract my mind.rewiring the mind constantly. So use the tool u have and work on them goal you gonna accomplish brother. Keep positive stay focus.

Good day all. Yesterday i will tested by my soon to be exwife she was on my case abt gambling pretty much annoying me. I quickly left the home and took a walk. I passed three of the bars with the roulette where i used to go whenever i wanted a quick thrill or to chase after the losses. Now i rise above that and walked passed. Its almost a month GF i want to thank everyone on this forum on the tread for their time and effort it took for them to be here giving account of their mindset.

Onwards on the path of self worth. Keep positive. Renew thy mind for this is a new day

Here i am free of gambling for 30 days. Urges zeal all went away i am living my best life nw. 1 month of freedom. And continuing onto 2020 onwards.... life to live embrace it. Staying true to myself enjoying time spend with my son. Happy healthy and setting goals to achieve this year onwards. I am gonna be living the grand life. Giving back and being thankful each moment each day. Be positive.

That’s really fantastic Seanraj,

Being gamble free gives us a huge sense of freedom which in turn allows us to focus on family.

It sounds like your ex- wife has been hurt by your gambling - do you think you are ready yet to sit with her and talk about how out of control it all got - talking can heal so much .

Keep strong , keep positive and keep enjoying life.

I am living the best life now. Wow what a great feeling one month free of gambling my mind is free my health awesome i am happy... positive mind set positive energy awesome super fantastic feeling of self worth i am truly amazing.

Thank you all.

Awesome feeling of good life health and a clean mind set. Outlook is fantastic. Life is simply amazing being aware of your thoughts and observing how it flows.

I am truly happy. And staying positive always.

Thank you for all those who support and guide me through this

You are doing amazing. Your positivity on this and other people's threads is inspiring and I'm sure helps others especially new members. Keep it up bro and have a good day.

We ought to create or generate good healthy and positive energy each moment we are living. I am very thankful ryan its an absolutely wonderful feeling being away from that habit. Wow i am feeling on top of the world today i went out did some business paid bills etc and i was also meeting and greeting ppl. Giving them new year greetings and wishing them well. Never did that before. Gambling is a distant memory that is deleted daily with my rewired mind set. Ryan you are gonna inspire people as well with your life. Continue to reach out man you are gonna to uplift yourself and others in the quest of the greater life you are living now. Give thanks always man. Glue to positive thinking man.

Recieved a book on How To Defeat Gambling and other Addictions" i am using it to the benefit of my mind and self worth.i am thankful for the knowledge of these words poured into these pages. Keeping a positive mindset

Keep this journal progressing. Keeping strong as time goes on. Faced with the consequence of this habit.

Good day all i am feeling really good about myself. I am happy to be alive. I am thankful for rediscovering my self worth.

Good day. Major fallout with the wife so frustrated thoughts of the roulette came rushing in. Please i need support at this time. My mind is waverly. Of course i am gonna rise above this maddness. It too much tension.

Aura is not healthy between us. I gonna keep seeking positive words and mindset

Thankful for being here to observe my thoughts

Thankful for 35 days free

Hi Seanraj,

I am a new member and have just read through all of your posts from Day 1. You are an inspiration and it fills me with joy to see how well you are doing. I find fallouts with my wife are my most dangerous triggers. Best to remove yourself from the situation and take a long walk or listen to some music. The frustration you have is just a feeling. Acknowledge it's there and accept that we cannot control other people. She has a right to be angry and you have the power to decide how that affects you. I am learning to separate me from my mind. You are the soul that is behind the mind. we cannot allow our happiness to be dependant on things we cannot control. That is the ego talking. Do not look to roulette to solve an internal problem. Sit with anger and frustration. Accept that it is a part of life that will always be there. You have had so much going well for you. Don't let this affect the inner peace that you currently have. I hope this helps. 

P.S Your progress has inspired me to kick this habit once and for all. You are an inspiration 

Hello Dilano thank you for posting on the tread. I am humble and so grateful to read that you have kick this habit. Keep on the pathway of success. You are doing great. You are an amazing person. You just made my day. I am all smile by your message. Thank you. 

Good day all

Lately been struck with a distorted harmony of the mind by two person around me. The thoughts are clouded with disillusion. Need of an escape...

I am positive in my goal of attaining self worth each moment. At times i just need to surround my mind with affirmations and positive words. Keeping checks on my mind thoughts. I am aware where these thoughts flow and i am focusing on recovery. I met Steve a worker at the roulette yesterday he told me he hasnt seen me lately i told him i am free of that trap! I felt great saying that. 5 years of pain and misery is buried and now i rise above this. I am gaining new heights away from that habit. Feeling good despite of... people are people at the end of it all i will only allow positive vibes to sink in deep into my mind set. And i am moving forward.

Good day

I have attend my first GA meeting of the year last night. I met with good positive spiritual people. They led good support and encouragement. It was an amazing experience. They encourage me to have a heart to heart talk with my wife seeking another chance and to come clean. To be very honest. I am feeling very great about life. I am very thankful.

I made mention about this website in they didnt know of

I'm happy that your GA meeting went well and that you took away so much positivity! Thanks for posting on my thread. I really needed some support and I'm feeling better. Take care.

Hi Sean

I am so pleased that you are considering having a discussion with your wife - it is so easy to allow ourselves to get into a habit of arguing when talking can sort out so much.

I hope it goes well and that you continue to find the support you need both on this site and at GA.

Hello Jane thank you for posting on the journal. You always say the kinds words to enlighten the mind. Thank you. Yes this website really help me in terms of gainning insights of the life eyes of a CG. Focusing on those who are GF the mind is rewired each moment am i alive. I spoke to one of my friend who gambles about where i am. He was happy for me however he is stuck on his ways of gamble. He says he is in control of it even if he lose win or break even it doesnt matter. He is in it for the buzz. However before he was chasing after losses. I told him l am free of this trap.i am free in my mind to rediscover self worth. Observing my thoughts helps me explore where my life goes and recover from this habit to gain a renew health. My health is my wealth. I am happy despite of. 

Things hasnt worked out between my wife she doesnt want this marriage after the emotional trama, unsecurities and dishonesty created by thid caused through gambling. She is determine to leave and i deserve it. I know in my heart i love her to let her go. She deserve better. Sorry i had disappointed her time and time again its time to move on.

38 days i am GF today jane i am happy life goes on. I accepted this results of this consequences. Gambling truly destroys lives in harmony. Peace my frsn thank you for your support. I appreciate you and your lovely kind words you posted on the tread.

Stay strong and positive always.

Good day all My journey thus far GF... i have rediscover who i am. I am loving myself all over again. Appreciating all the good things of life. Goals i gonna achieve own a vehicle, start over since i will be single, travel to nearby caribbean islands, begin the construction of my home. I am going make that start. I am going to it is about time i have ready to get that project off the ground.

Continue my journey in self worth. Be an inspiration to others here in my community and a society as a whole. I will continue my journey with GA. Staying committed to fully be free from the habit. Being addicted to self recovery. I am excited each day about my new health. Now i am free i am enjoy life greatest gift,my now my moment in the present. Take it in and inhale the beauty and the wonders of life.truly life is meant for more goodness to find an escape with my imagination to calm waters like a stream flowing to the river into the ocean. Keep my mind like calm waters. Eventually all will be washed away and drown out those thoughts of feeling s when you were into deep.

I am living my best life now.enjoying golden moments with myself and keep track of my thoughts.

Thank you all for taking time to read about a new wave of thinking to really break free from the trap. Keep is great!!!

I am thankful for the right words in my mind as i am going forward into each moment.keeping the right thoughts always for my recovery and to rediscover my self worth. Milestone 40days. Its the time i must be spend in the wilderness seeking direction and guidance to attain freedom. I am here and i am setting the goals needed to achieve and i am going to achieve them. I am very grateful, always for the little and simple things in my life thus far.

Unfortunately this divorce is the least of my problems. Knowing fully now she wants to move on with her life because i am standing in her way with my own problems. I am happy i am moving out of her way and allowing my self to heal and fully recover aside from the fact that the negative words being thrown at me from her mouth each time she feels hurt. I am 40 day GF. And i am going continue on my path of self worth. I am aware of who i am and noone tells me otherwise because it is just rubbish in need of disposal. Thank you for reading my tread fill your mind with your own words of positivity and control your thoughts which may cause those triggers reoccur.

Met with a close friend yesterday who was addicted to gambling on the same roulette and was again reminded of those moments where you were; playing the machines in places i thought i never be. Places where thugs drug pushers and gangsters hang out. Thankful i got out alive. At the time the focus was winning back money that was lost. After cashing out or when you walked out without a cent in the pocket you felt the stares and the glancing you may get from those in the bars pubs and casinos. Thankful i am happy being alive. I am free of that trap

Self worth

Self recovery

Self development

Self healing

Rewired of the mind

Renewing of the mind

Refocus of the mindset

Now i am alive in newest of health and strenght. Being thankful

Hi Sean glad to hear you are doing well. I've not been posting as much as I was but I am still gf. I still read the posts on the forum everyday and find your positivity the most helpful. Hope you have a good day.

I am very happy to read from you man. That is awesome you are GF. Keep it up man. You are going be amazing each moment bro. You inspire me as well. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.

Stay positive always. Be and enjoy your life bro.

Self reflection as i focus on self healing and recovery i met with those who wont admit they have a gambling problem. Those i met side track away from admitting they in need of help instead they say they in somewhat of a control of it. I admit i was like that until that day i made the life changing decision which is benefiting me in terms of getting back my health. Thankful i am in good shape and i am truly grateful for a perfectly amazing new health.

As i use my vacation time to sort out debts and the finances by budgeting and making plans to use money for investments into food business or a furniture place i am weighing out the options. I will discuss further as i progress being GF.

I am distracting my mind constantly with new ideas and observing where my thoughts are.

The urge to be addicted to self worth has realign my inner thoughts to better create or shift of my own perception of reality. Imagination is very powerful.

Tap into it look at the possibilities of being absolutely free in your mind where you are enjoying the awesomeness of life. Glorious of what life is and the amazing feeling it brings when you are truly thankful. Giving back is also key to be amaze at the powerful of making a difference in someone elses life.

Its absolute great feeling this way being 100 percent GF.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my tread.

Blessings always.

Good day all Its a new day a renew mind i am GF for 42 days and going strong. Positive mindset. Keeping my mind focus on the target i am going to achieve. I met with a teacher yesterday at the bank and we sat down at a pub there was no roulette machines at the pub which is a very good thing. We didnt see each other 5yrs so there was alot of catching up to do.... anyways we chat over a couple of beers light i.e we laugh talked abt life and of course my problem he knew i had a gambling problem. He told me he has two years before retirement and he has been saving his money to travel. I told him i was addicted to saving. Remembering back in early 2000s i wanted a stereo and i was working as a lorryman, each week i got pay i place a $100 dollars into a book.

20 weeks after i went and brought that stereo in time for xmas. I was the happiest dude ever. Now I am going to take that memory out of my past and rekindled it into my now. Its like a scifi movie lol. I know i am going achieve my goals after clearing out all the debts. I said all that to say you going to still have great moments in life without falling into that web of lies those machines placed on your mind. I am enjoying my life. Today i am feeling awesome. Perfect health. Good wellness of my body.




Good day all

I am thankful and i going to remain humble in all that i do in my words thoughts and deeds. I am going continue on my path of recovery and keeping strong on my focus of self worth.

Thankful for those who poured into my life and to those that made the differences. Keep the faith and continue to share what you know and aware of.

Blessings to all.

Enjoy life to the fullest.

Good day all.

On friday 17 Jan 2020 I attended GA meeting. Making positive changes to my mindset by allowing positive thought to rewire my mind. Living each day without a bet! Its ongoing be aware of the thoughts flowing in my mind. Staying and being GF takes plenty of humbleness and of course support. I am very thankful to continue on my path of self recovery.

Living more healthier each moment without seeing myself at those places where time was wasted monies lost, poor health, stress lies etc were.

Now i look past that told them i am free from the trap i am now 44 days free and continuing to work on being free all the time. One day at a time i am seeing improvement of myself my thoughts and more importantly my health.

Being GF is totally worth a life good at living.

Focus on self healing

Remember Gambling is a big fat lie.

Its deletes positivity so my friend increase your knowledge in positive thinking self reflections self talk.

I went to the casino yesterday and told the workers there who havent seen me that i am free from it since the last time they saw me.

I am happy and giving thanks always for i am living my best life now. Full of positive aura and energy.

Keeping my mentally intact by focusing on words of affirminations and inspiration to uplift myself daily and built my confdence more and more.

Giving advise to those who welcomes it.

I appreciate all who read and follow my tread.

I will be on youtube live on Sunday at Trinidad and Tobago time:8:00pm that will be 11pm UK time. With Santos Rolon Jr. Soldiers of Self Mastery.

I will be speaking more about rewiring the mind to stay on course to rediscover your self worth.

Thank you all.


Great post Seanraj.

I will try to see you on YouTube.

I also believe that the brain can be rewired and that we underestimate the power within ourselves to stop gambling.

Focusing on keeping our minds and our bodies healthy is key to success.

See you soon in a group .

Good day Jane

What i gain from the GA is that we tend to only see our financial issues and havent taken a closer examination of our mindset. 

Gambling is hardwired to the mind of a gambler. It took my mind a couple of relapses huge losses and the biggest losses now is my family been broken. Yes having admitted to being drowned into the habit now i am risen above the water to swim back to self recovery.

Thank you jane. Be bless 

As i check each day i am GF it feel as though i am batting in a cricket match. Each run is a day. So far i am looking at each thoughts as it comes and i am thankful that i am totally aware of where i am.

Beautiful feeling amazing life to live i am very confident now i am GF. I am focusing on positive self reflection.

Attending GA meeting relating to those who has similiar experiences in gambling uncontrolable.

Yes one day you win and the very nextday you keep saying to yourself i going back again to win more. And before you know you on minus credit.

Your mind was preprogram to think that you won big the day before and let go back and win more. Knowing fully well gambling is a lie. Heard many stories of those wins and you are thinking maybe one last time who know you may win like them.

Careful what you allow into your mind.

Look at your thoughts and delete the unwanted ones.

Think positive reaffirm your mind with words to uplift you.

Its day 46 and yes each time i am awake my mind is rewiring now renewal of the thoughts that shape the day.

I am thankful for life and good health. Happy to be alive and well. I am truly grateful for moments that gives me great joy moving away from that habit.

Looking back abit to a time where i slept in front of a casino didnt go to work called in sick saw a dozen miss calls from my wife on the phone. Stressed out about that huge loss. Its was $10k.

Now to my present faced with a divorce and losing my son because of those episodes there is more. The lies and stealing done to repeat she hasnt been on good terms with me. I am prepared to faced it it is what is. I am agreeing to whatever it is at the court.

Now that thoughts flowing out of my mind i realize my son needs to know the truth and i am going tell him.

Yes it is an addiction our finanical status can be fix over time. Now i am renewing and rewiring my mind each moment to keep my mind free from that trap.

I am thankful for the new awakening each time i am on this forum giving my thoughts and insights.

I choose to keep on going forward being GF.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement here.

Blessings to all. please watch on the link

Positive thoughts and affirmations

Thank you

Good day all.

Amazing greatness in my life.

I live each moment one moment at a time.

Observing the flow of thoughts.

Happy with my life.

Being fully aware of my mindset.

An attitude of Graditude

Good day all.

Wonderful is moments. Its awesome. I am very thankful each moment i am alive. Being GF is so great and the feeling is so fantastic. I am being away from making any sort of bet 48 days now. i am doing great things in my life making positive changes within and people around me knowledge it. They are amazed by the positive energy that given.

I am so excited about life since i have stopped my health is excellent. I feel really great about myself my body mind thoughts and being.

Being GF gives you a renew life a new blessing a new you by the transformation of the mind through constant rewiring and reprogramming of that mind set only focusing on positive energy. What you are saying to yourself each momemt you are awake Give your self positive affirmations each day. Forget the losses. Forget gambling. Stop thinking of it entirely. Refocus your energy to see life is better without it. Kick that habit outta this world. See yourself becoming a better you.

Start your sentences with words " I AM GOING TO...." Your new life begins NOW. Enjoy every single moment of being alive with a positive mindset.

Set goals that you going achieve

Start a new hobby

Start living your best life NOW.

Give thanks always

Keep on keeping on.

Good day all I have started a new Health & Safety Advisor job today. I am super fantastic and bless. Extra money to clear up those debts. Thankful for each moment being positive. Meet new people and having good attitude at it. I am going conduct a toolbox meeting in the morning highlighting shortcomings in HSE. One quote i told the workers : " being safe at work rewards you going home to your family the same way you came to work." Its excited a change in the work environment apart from my stable job. I am feeling great and very thankful for the opportunity. Countdown to the D- day i have met two persons at work with the same situation being divorce an all. I relate with them on the emotional trauma one must cope with. I am positive about my life and i told them i am going to book a flight to holiday at a resort for some alone time to re enenergnize and recover. To rediscover my self worth over and over. I deserve it. I am going in March book a hotel resort pool all inclusive breakfast. Waterfalls beach. Sun sea and sand. Spice and difference nature adventure.

Vacation at it best.

Keep on keepingq on.

Let Love Live in Life.

Good day all Big accomplishment for me 50 days something to celebrate. On the second day of work as HSE Advisor making headway in achieving a safety goals at work. Great feeling. Positive Energy. I am awesome.

I am going to accomplish great thing in life.

Being free of this habit i am more healthy and making good life choices to attain self worth.

Blessings to all.

Well done - that is a great achievement. Also congratulations on your new job as well. You are doing great.

Good day Steev.Trust all is well with you. 

I appreciate your kind comment. And i look towards being free each moment at a time. 

Blessings to you brother.

Be safe

I now realize i didnt post any for the 25/01/20 I am kept busy with this new job as a HSE Advisor so I may have skip some days during this time.

I am free from this habit each moment I am being more and more positive. Thinking about how I interact with people and their response to me has been great thus far. Enjoying this new frame of mind and seeing the altered perception of reality, in a different light through a new wave of thinking.

Rewiring reprogramming and refocusing of the mind is to keep close observations of the tread of thoughts and to really keep yourself in check as to attain self recovery and self worth.

It is full commitment to the well being of yourself to attain true freedom each day.

I am going keep on keeping on this beautiful amazing pathway of life where positivity is the only way forward.

Stay bless everyone

I now realize i didnt post any for the 25/01/20 I am kept busy with this new job as a HSE Advisor so I may have skip some days during this time.

I am free from this habit each moment I am being more and more positive. Thinking about how I interact with people and their response to me has been great thus far. Enjoying this new frame of mind and seeing the altered perception of reality, in a different light through a new wave of thinking.

Rewiring reprogramming and refocusing of the mind is to keep close observations of the tread of thoughts and to really keep yourself in check as to attain self recovery and self worth.

It is full commitment to the well being of yourself to attain true freedom each day.

I am going keep on keeping on this beautiful amazing pathway of life where positivity is the only way forward.

Stay bless everyone

As i continue on my path way of success i am enjoyng the greatness of life.

I am happy and feeling good always

Awesome moments to embrace and cherish.

Keeping focus on being positive.

Thankful always for my healthy living and perfect health.

I am an amazing person

Words of Affirmations

Congratulations on your new job hope it is going well and it sounds like it's keeping you occupied and keeping you on the right path. Have a great day.

I appreciate your positive words man. We need to soak up our minds each moments on words to uplift us. Focus our mindset only on those words to enlighten and encourage us to start living our best lives now. 

Embrace your now focus on the moment and live in it it is all we have right now. Forget the past because it is gone let go of the thoughts you may have for the future because it only brings conflict. Focus only on where you are now. It is powerful. The moment we read this is to equip our minds to cease the opportunity of being free all the time.

Keep positive brother.

How has it been for you ryan tell me about your progress.

Its been about 3 months now and it has got easier I'm not as focused as I was on the losses in the early weeks. I try to just see it as an expensive lesson learnt. Things going on in the world and to people I know brings things into perspective and I'm lucky to be alive and need to live in the present as I can not change what has already happened

Good day Ryan we all live and learn from our mistakes and its a mistake that gives you a new perspective in life. New direction and a way forward.

Continue to press forward and seek a better focus each moment you are alive

Stay positive

Be thankful

I am thankful for a perfectly healthy body mind and well being.

As I am in the field of Safety i remain committed to stay safe in my mind and help others to rediscover their true potential.

I am feeling great about my life right now. I am rising above it all each moment that i am alive. Giving thanks for the greatness of a positive life.

An attitude of gratitude is essential to start attaining your self worth..

remind myself daily about having that perfectly great health. Most important my health and well being comes first . I am going to help myself first before I am going to help others.

I recognized the true potential of myself being in a professional HSE Advisor in the field of work. It was hidden away from me for the past five years because of that habit which masked it away from me.

Now I am more focus to bring out the best in myself as I make an impact to those who are close to me and are around me.

I am positive about my life and I am going to always remain positive no matter what comes my way.

Good day all

Yes new day new mind set. living my best life now.

56 glorious days of being free... I am thankful for those who made valuable input on this forum to motivate and encourage those who are in need of words to uplift and to see a better life ahead.

I am wonderful and super fantastic for my life.

Stay bless

Be positive

Happy day to all on this forum

I am so thankful I spent a lot of time reading through this forum the first day i stopped that habit. Now I am 57 days and counting each moment of my positive life I am going stay on for the rest of my living days on earth.

Constant rewiring reprogramming of this mind and creating a new focus for the benefit of our health is to develop a well positive trained mind.

This Journal is truly a gift created within my inner thoughts of a new day and new moment bathing in positivity.

I am thankful always for my perfectly awesome health and making the right decisions to liven in a healthier lifestyle.

Life is great living in positive energy attracting good things into your life daily. Be encourage be aware of your mindset and set your bar to rise above it as you progress daily.

Let the power of your moments which is now flow in through and around you bathe in the water of thinking positive daily.

be grateful. this changes your behavior attitudes and boost your self confidence each moment youre thankful for.

Stop caring on what others thinking esp. if it is negative keep those thoughts or people a distance from your present moment from here on in.

Live your live fully and enjoy the goodness of life

Congratulations on reaching day 57 Seanraj. I love to read your positive posts .

You are so right about creating positive

Pathways in the brain - my counsellor talks about superhighways - a brain path that is travelled so often it becomes our first response to anything.

My main super highway used to be gambling - I’m not sure what it is anymore but I know the gambling superhighway is starting to crumble due to neglect and lack of maintenance!

Keep strong Seanraj and keep doing what works for you .

Thank you Jane for your positive comments you have done well keep on the positive pathway of life. You are doing pretty well for yourself thus far. Keep on keeping on.

Its a start of a new month and a new day and of course a new mind set that increases moment to moment. What worked for me is constant activation of generated positive thoughts and emotions that creates a aura that attracts goodness into my life. My mind is free totally I am going keep my focus on improvement of my health and my positive attitude. to help build my self to total self recovery and rediscovery my self worth and building more on my self confidence each moment I am growing.

Yes by recreating the thoughts through that channel of positive energy you are going see and experience the better life a better health and mindset.

That positive energy is a supernova plane you take to attain total freedom.

Say positive words of affirmation to increase your health which is your greatest wealth.

I am loving life and this freedom away from those habits now i feel so alive. Thankful everytime.

Planning on a all inclusive island vacation getaway come march so i am going to contact the travel agency to book a date.

Feeling awesome. Feeling great

Live life to the fullest

New work week ahead embracing my now moments looking at my plans and goals set for this year that I am going to achieve and complete. Taking these steps at moment at a time.

Life takes on a whole new meaning when you rewire and reprogram the mind.

Positive thoughts and words are drawn more and more in my mind as I work towards growing into a better person becoming a awesome ME.

I am thankful always for a very great health and keeping the mind only on positive things.

Stay bless all.

Good day all

Everyone that read this forum are making steps to recovery once they are going to put the time and effort in rediscovering their self worth

Thinking and being positive to set up your frame of mind each moment will be a challenge and for those who are thinking that it is impossible rethink and refocus on words to uplift and inspire you despite the circumstances that you are in right now.

Congrats on being in here seeking help for reformation refocusing on positive words and upliftment.

Keep on treading

I am setting goals and to stay focuson this pathway of rediscovery of my self worth.

I appreciate all this forum as contributed to help our mind set to be restructured and renew through the use of powerful words and practical advise.

I am so thankful for all person who has made time to give advise and words of encouragement.

Keep on keeping on. Be confident. I am going be confident every moment to be more positive in my words and my thoughts.

Be bless all

Wow i feel great making this achievement. I am free and i am very thankful.

I am going to purchase a vehicle this week after i got my credit rating up to par.

So i am making great progress making my payments on time.

I am grateful. This week i am going to spend some time with my son. His birthday is on the 11th feb. He is turn 8. The time flies.

He loves sonic the hedgehog and that movie is opening on the 14th feb. I am planning to get him sonic cake. Movie tickets. Pizza icecream a day out for fun!!!

I am happy each moment i am alive.

I am thankful.

I am valuable

I am in perfectly good healthy

Best birthday ever

Hi all

I started gambling when I was 14 years old ever since I had a gambling problem.I believed I reached rock bottom. I destroyed my family financially and it will take us years to recover from this terrible chapters in my life.

I am giving this a full on go and are not going that this senseless addiction are going to destroy my life any further.

I am looking forward to join live GA groups .

All the best to you guys we are not alone in this struggle.

Yes keep strong and let your mind be renew each day from this habit. Freedom is a must. Focus on positive outcome

Good day all Today is pay day for me I am paying my credit card and loans online its amazing feeling to make those payments

I am thankful for the goodness of positive energy. More focus and stay commitment to a better health and an awesome mentality.

Stay bless all

Hi Sean. Glad you are still on track. I hope your son has a great birthday and you get plenty of quality time with him. Family or close ones can be that extra boost on days were we are feeling low and remind us we are lucky to be alive. Keep on the journey we have all got this together.

How are you doing man?

Hope all is well and you are keeping strong and staying completely focus on living a better life now

Thank you.

Be positive always

I am happy and feeling awesome abt life.

Thankful always

Being alive and ever present

Love all

Stay positive

Be bless

I'm doing good being positive. We come on this site around the same time so I always check in here. Have a great day.

HI Seanraj

I hope you son has a fabulous birthday. The positivity in your posts is infectious - it is a great feeling to be able to buy things for our kids and for ourselves - the things we used to think we needed a win for.

Onwards and upwards Seanraj!

HI Seanraj

I hope you son has a fabulous birthday. The positivity in your posts is infectious - it is a great feeling to be able to buy things for our kids and for ourselves - the things we used to think we needed a win for.

Onwards and upwards Seanraj!

I appreciate your positive feedback as well Jane. You are doing pretty well at this time. I am happy to read you are planning your time wisely and you occupy your time to having a wonderful life.

Keep up the good work. Love where your mind is and where your thought ought to be

To all

My wish to you all is that we can stay strong this week and focus on the little things in life that matters.

We should take this one day at a time.

Remember we are only one bet away from disaster.

All the best to you all for a new week with new challenges.

Do have a bless week. Stay strong and keep on the positive path.

Keeping stronger each day having clean positive thoughts about my life. Reflecting on the thoughts that kept me free i am thankful to those who encourage me on this path.... murr steev ryan craig jane. Dilano And the others i didnt mention. I appreciate you all .

Keep up the good work in staying strong on your freedom.

I am happy and feeling great today is my son 8 birthday I am so proud of him. I did some shopping it felt great knowing there is money in my bank account and my credit card is top up.

68 days free and I am filled with positive energy being thankful for healing and self recovery.

I am very thankful for an perfectly good health.

staying focus always

Keep on keeping on

Loving myself

Feeling awesome

Feeling positive energy always

Reading your progress is incredibly encouraging for me.

I'm on day 13 right now and feeling good, but it does scare me that I might relapse. Seeing your growth and your gratitude list above really really helps so thank you for sharing!

I hope you enjoyed your son's birthday, you deserve every happy moment with him!

Hii Emma congrats on making the biggest decision of your life to be healthy and to be free. Welcome to your self recovery and rediscovering your self worth.

You are going to stay on this course for each moment from now on. Keep it up. We need to encourage each other as we move forward.

Yes I did enjoy the moments with my son on his birthday. The school principal birthday was also today so the entire school students sang Happy birthday for them. He felt great about enjoying his birthday with his classmates and friends at school because his class with sponored with gift bags courtesy of his dad (me) beaming*

Yes being free makes a positive difference being able to give and to feel really positive about life. It these small gestures makes a big difference in one's life. Being able to save pay the bills buy gifts and did some shopping. Wow great feeling. Wow I am living my best life one moment at a time.


Going to stay focus on positive self affirmations for recovery and healing.

I urge you to keep doing your best in having a wonderful gfree life.

That is so encouraging!

As you say, even the simple things like paying bills, saving a little and enjoying treats sometimes make life so much more wonderful.

Keep sharing your growth, it's incredible.

Good day all

Thankful for another awesome day I am facing this day with a positive attitude mindset and aura.

I am happy to be alive living my life to the fullest. Enjoying my moments free in my mind from it all.

Stay focused on the goodness of my life and health.

self recovery and healing.

Loving my life to the maximum.

awesome feelings just floods my being.

be blessed

Felt so excited typing day 70... Its a new day a new focus new plans to accomplished.

I going to be positive always being in the now moments. Happy in my own.

I am living a better life now.

gfreedom. Thankful for an awesome healthy lifestyle and mentality.

be blessed

I am truly blessed and thankful for feeling great each moment each day being free from this habit.

the days being able to focus only on the positive outcomes of life is truly amazing to live more healthier now.

I am who I am, now I remain positive it is my core belief. I am living and  experiencing the glorious aspect of my life.

Channeling my positive energy I am able to go places beyond just the ordinary but to new heights in life where I am attaining enlightenment and tranquility.

each moment being focused on where am I going next to make this life better than how it was moments before.

Feeling like these are to be live with a grateful heart and of course being able to help others as well as you journey into the wonderful bliss called life.

Yesterday I went to the mini mart to get some items on my way I pass a pub where I lose money on the roulette machine thoughts about winning it big came flooding back as I stood looking on. There was only one player on the machine he was breaking even on his winnings but he was drinking so I simply walked away.

I observed the thoughts and told myself I am going to have a perfectly great health. I stood strong and pull myself out of the pub and save myself from going under.

I am thankful with This new positive mindset it is helping me on the pathway of self recovery.

I am going to thinking positive every single moment I am alive. And being thankful I was pulled out of the trapped.

I am feeling awesome. I am standing on top of this habit stomping my feet on it to buried it further and further each day.

Keeing myself alive.

Great decision Seanraj!

It is important to stop and notice how we are thinking and feeling and any bodily sensations we may have.

It only takes a moment of weakness to get drawn back into a hellish lifestyle.

Perhaps you could avoid that pub in future?

Your positive thinking is certainly working for you and yes your are stomping all over gambling !

I appreciate your positive comments and yes I am standing strong and I am feeling great about my life. 

Every moment being free equals a more increase in my health and positive vibration within my being.

Being happy and joyful being who I am now. Staying positive and keeping focus on self recovery and healing.

Reading this journal and typing on it brings clarity to a new vision for life and to make perfect thoughts as you journey through life.

Life is worth living while you are doing good for yourself and others.

Stay focus on positive outcomes especially when it is pertains to health and living a great lifestyle.

Loving life

Living the great life now



And being positive

Keep myself alive with positive affirmations and building up my mind with self recovery and healing.

Absolutely words and thoughts focus on having a good health body mind and soul.

I am thankful always for all who poured positive words into this platform.

Keep it up all those who are staying on the pathway of self worth.

Live life positively.

Stay bless

Focus on inner beauty of yourself

Keep myself alive with positive affirmations and building up my mind with self recovery and healing.

Absolutely words and thoughts focus on having a good health body mind and soul.

I am thankful always for all who poured positive words into this platform.

Keep it up all those who are staying on the pathway of self worth.

Live life positively.

Stay bless

Focus on inner beauty of yourself

Just going to highlight something that is a spot of bother why do you mix negative words together with positive words there is a clash.

You going to be positive focus only on being positive forget the rest.

Train your thoughts align it naturally with harmony nysc with greatness of melody from your heart. Songs of pure fruitfulness is going to be pouring out through your mouth with words of positive power and energy. That gives you the edge and courage to continue constantly seeking those affirmations always to become a better person each moment that you are alive.

Be thankful always.

Have words to encourage yourself and to motivated you as you walk on the pathway of self recovery.

Self healing

Self worth

You are working for your achievement and yes you are conquered this conquest.

Aim above the skies see your potential to be great soar like Eagle be the best you are now and yes forget the tread of yesterday and focus now on the thoughts that is putting you a cut above the rest. Smile. You know exactly where you are and you are here to achieve completely commitment in focusing on attaining positive power and energy to become a greater You.

Thank you for read you are going to attain that positive power because you are positive power!

Stay focus

Words of Affirmations be your guide

Positive Power and Energy is Yours.

Complete focus in this world that fill our minds with things please refocus only on that power the only power of being positive.

Please I beg of you to say positive words to yourself and continue to see you rebuilding your healthy body mind and soul.

Be thankful for the positive power.

Yes positive power is our goal to achieve each moment you're alive.

Be grateful for you have attain that power within your own mindset by constant rewiring of your thoughts into positive thinking each moment now.

Brother SeanRaj you my friend are by far the most positive person I know on this forum. I have never seen someone so positive, encouraging, mindful, and full of love and support to everyone they meet on here, and to themselves. Thank you for all your support in my journey, and in everyone else’s , I learn someone from every post you make brother. Never stop being you my man. God bless your soul.

Thank you Murr your comment have inspired me to keep on being positive and increasing my potential for greatness. 

Murr you have also come along way to be where you are now. Happy to read abt your progress. 

Keep doing what you are doing man be strong in all that you do. Stay positive is healthier for each one of us on the pathway of self recovery. 

Your greatest wealth is your health. 

Keep renewing your mind with affirmations. 

And you as well bro. You have come a long way from a few months ago, when we were both at a day1. Look how much can change in just a few months. And it can only get better. keep pushing forward and shedding light in this world of darkness, Sean. People like you are far and few between. All the best and continue gamble free. never give up.

Feeling great awesome about my life. Super fantastic and great. Had a very good day. I spoke to a wonderful person we spoke about my divorce and the gambling addiction that caused it. She respect me for being honest about it. We do talk a lot she is very spirituality grounded. We do share somethings in common. I have known her way before I got married. Anyways I am 76 days free from this habit and am feeling great.

Great job on 76 days gf! 

How about you how you holding up? 

I'm doing ok. Today is day 14 =)

Two weeks going on to two months then two yrs and so on. Once you made up your mind to stay completely free from the thoughts of that habit. Congrats on keeping your away from it. 

Enjoying my life moments of my now. Just did my morning routine and now I write this journal about how I feel then after I will read a book my son is home so I will spend some time with him. Feed him watch a movie chill afternoon nap then to the park for a run with him. Planned for the day!

I am happy now thinking positive. Living in the power of positivity


I love the idea of a morning routine. I've "tried" so many times, but honestly that just means picking up a habit for a few days then forgetting about it again.

Moving forward I think I'll start my own morning routine to help my own growth. Thank you for sharing!

Awesome fantastic and absolutely amazing the best adjectives to use when you are free from this habit.

Clearing off payments saving a lot more. Planning for a good vacation building a apartment opening up a business

Now I am thankful for a perfectly good health each day.

Going to get some excerise in

Meeting new people as well

Having quality time with my son

Being happy

Being positive always

Words of affirmations

Be bless

A new day a rewired mind focusing on the power of positivity and being completely free each moment. Salary paid early this month and now I am going to budget for the month of march.

Planned 3 days getaway cost $3800. Divorced retreat cost $400 two nights. In the middle of March.

I am going to redirect my focus unto positive affirmations. I am appreciating the high value of life and its importance of having a healthy lifestyle. I am loving myself.


Focus driven

Positive thoughts

Wonderful feeling of life worth living in my now moments

Wow after 80 days filled with positive energy and joy I am certainly making my life the life should be lived. Becoming a better person each day moment to moment. Being more and increasingly more happier now.

Being free and each day I am moving forward

Being thankful

Staying encouraged

Be bless.

Amazing feeling of being free and being able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Incredible decision to turn your life around

Being positive really work wonders for my life

I am living in the benefits of the power of positivity

Totally awesome beautiful life

Be thankful always

I appreciate all the encouragement and support this forum has offered

Look forward to being able to spread the positive mess across to those who are in this state of mind

Be free

Be positive welcome to self healing with your words of affirmations each moment you are awake you say the positive words to yourself

Thankful for another day free from this habit. Spend time at the beach wonderful and amazing being in touch with nature and spend some time with a wonderful friend who is supportive of me through this divorce.

I am thankful she is a very wonderful to me. Being there and encouraging me to be positive about it.

And I am truly thankful.

Positive ppl in my life

Be bless everyone

Be positive

Another day awaits renew mind set always intact moving forward seeking goodness along the pathway of self worth

I am meeting a lawyer today to seek legal counsel concerning this divorce. the feeling of emotional distress came over and I am mindful of the decisions being made from this day on wards.

I had a heart to heart chat with my son on his way to school and I ask him how he felt about leaving daddy to go to South Africa with his mom. He say he was sad that i am not there.

I told him I love him and I am always here for him I am going stay close to him through video chats and by next year I will visit him for the xmas. I saw the sadness in his eyes and as I told him this I reassure him that he is always welcome to stay with me and I have a inheritance for him when he is older.

this is emotional draining

I am going stay positive

I am going to renew my mind

i am going to stay the course of self recovery and healing

I am going love myself

I am going know more about who I am and purpose in life from this moment on

I am going to make a difference in someone life

Most of all I am very thankful for a perfectly good health.

I skiped yesterday journal because of the divorce finalisation. I wrote my thoughts about it on my emotional journal. Anyways I am 85 days free. Thinking positive. Being focus driven. Yes its a hurdle I jumped over. Now to bear with the consequences of that habit.

I grew up with a dad even though he was physically there I felt a sense of security and being taking care of with food clothing and shelter. Emotionally disconnected. I am thankful I know some who grew up without dad's and they are emotionally messed up. I am going to make every effort to keep in contact with my son. Support him emotionally and provide him with a financial security when he turns 18. I love my son and will always forever be in my heart.

Despite this hurdle of divorce I am truly grateful for all those who give me encouragement and support special mention to a very wonderful person Ayana, God sent. Esther Matthew Romain and a new person I met Ms. Vintra. Thank you all for all the positive words for me to move forward.

Traveling to home after the court yesterday there where two ladies who were speaking so highly about gambling and how when they win they have enough to get by. No talk about losses.

I just shake my head in amazing to hear how people view gambling its amazing not knowing how deep that trap is. Was caught it for 5 yrs now I am rebuilding back my life renewed mind.

Be blessed everyone

I am thankful

Steev special shout out to you man.

I got a loan at the bank today to purchase a vehicle. I am thankful the credit rating is still good. That was the decision I made to stop gambling and to pay off an exiting loan last Yr. Dec.

So I took my son and x wife now fren as she put it for the sake of our son. To the movies to finally watch his favourite character SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.

I am so happy I am able to spend money to see his beautiful smile.

I am so happy I made his evening special he was in awe.

Thankful I am going to be positive always.

Self recovery

Self healing as I move forward to be free always

I am thankful for a very good health

Today is my son school first walkaton. The walk will consist of students parents and teachers participation for let's there be peace. I am spending all of the time I get with my son knowing fully well in a couple of days he would be leaving for South Africa.

Yes I am free if my wife truly love or believe that through thick or thin we'd work it out for the better this emotional trauma would be delete from our lives.

Everything happens for a reason.

Who knows what the future holds for I am living in my now moments.

I am lying awake just thinking about everything that occur to me over the past 6 months and I am on the pathway to recovery and self healing being 86 days free.

I am truly thankful

Peace within my soul

Renew mind and rewiring of it each moment I am alive.

Be positive about your health and enjoy life to the fullest its all you got.

Give and keep on giving this is one of the kindness act humans have for each other.

I am alive and aware of the mind thoughts now I am single just came off an 9 years of marriage I am going to restart rebuild this scatter heart.

Gambling has really put people lives in a state of misery now I 87 days free from I intend to stay on course and keep my headstrong and only allow positive affirmations into my life from this moment on.

I am enjoying the time being spent with my son now I see he is sad about not being able to be with me and to share his time. In the sonic movie the topic of leaving and going to another place was highlighted during the duration of the movie I felt sad and I knew my son understands what that meant.

I am thankful for all that I have given and i am proud to say yes like in every relationship there are highs and lows I am focus on the positives.

Being there to always take care of all their needs. Paid all the bills provide comfort and what every family needs.

Despite having to borrow money from close friends and family I got by.

I am gonna clear up one debt which is $1300 owed to my cousin over 2 years now... I am paying it off today.

I am thankful

I am positive and in very good health most important.

Stay blessed every one

Today I am feeling great about life each moment I celebrate as I look forward for a positive filled day. I am truly grateful for having a renew mindset and focusing on self healing onwards for my self worth.

Be blessed all

Peace and love

In 2015 when I was first been introduced to roulette electronic cociane.

Life on the fast lane. I am positive and will be at the beach today yeaaa.


Hi Sean. Good positive video you have made. The mind becomes more clear as time passes from the day we give up. I agree with you there is always hope and we can all come through this together. Hope you are doing well. Have a good day

92 days free from that habit. The only person owed at the moment is the bank. Primarily focusing only on positive words and thoughts.

Keeping myself alive with self recovery and healing

Living my best life now.

I am thankful for a very great health and perfectly good body mind and soul

It's a roller-coaster ride at the moment with the divorce being finalised and emotions are shattered now just picking up the pieces and renewing this mindset to begin a new chapter of life.

Yes it's has been a whirlwind of ups and downs bitter sweet moments now its been 94 days wow 6 more days until the 100th. Amazing journey thus far thankful for all those who supported me during this ordeal and as we move on to another moment to capture the positive power and embrace it fully. Living the best life now

Yes I am free

I am happy and going to be positive always

Thankful for a wonderful healthy mind body and soul

Gracious and humble

Gentle and meek

Give thanks

Give and feel the power of positivity flow through you

I am currently assisting a third cousin of the family away from an abusive and destructive relationship.

Police are looking into it.

She and her twins kept at my mom's home and being well taken care of.

Goodness of my mom heart.


I am feeling very awesome about my life signed up for a weekend retreat for divorce men and women. Looking forward for that experience. I am in the bank clearing up security deposit and fixed account sorting out the credit card and making payment towards the loan.

Being free is such a joy and to be healthy thinking positive words and focusing on the the goodness of everything that surrounds me.

Being thankful

Staying positive always


Absolutely greatness I am focusing more and more in my life. Self worth rediscovery and its great feelings I have embrace. When out today bought two new tyres align and chamber the vehicle all paid for in cash. I feel great not owing anyone making payments and not worrying abt how much money I have to spend.

Saving money in my savings accounts untouched.

Its being so long since I could redeem myself!!!! Wow I am feeling great about life. So thankful. I am just 4 days away from the hundred and I am going to be free from this moment onwards.

Greatness I am feeling enjoying my now moments embracing it with all of me emburse my thoughts and awareness into this now.....

Focus on positive words that builds you up

I am thankful for a perfectly healthy mind body and soul.

Blessings to all.

Anyone who is new here and reading this journal I urge you whole heartedly that you are going to STOP and rewire your mind to think and focus on freedom and healthy living from this moment now.

You know you deserve a better life and you are going to attain just that.

Be thankful that you are here to make that big difference in your life


I am so extremely super excited about looking forward in a new era of life. I am so happy with my life being free for 100 days.

My wallet is fat my savings remains untouched debts al paid off.. Owe one bank loan.

Happy to be frugal spending and keeping to the budget.

Having good persons in my life.

I am being more focus now on positive living

I loving myself more and more

Being happy by myself

Living my best life now

Stay blessed all

Congrats. DAY 1 for me

Strength and love congrats to you as well for making the best decision for your health. Your health is your greatest wealth. 

Keep this journal and spend some time reading this forum. Read up on people testimonials. It's was very insightful and it moved me on my very first day I browse this website. 

You got this. You are going to continue winning back your health. 

Congrats on your renew life. F r om this moment moving forward you are going to be positive always.

Be thankful always 

Congratulations Seanraj.

That is a terrific accomplishment .

It is so good to read your positive post .

Well done on making these changes in your life .x

Thank you so much for your comments. I am going to be stronger each moment I am free from this. 

Life takes on a whole new meaning when your health is the primary focus. Being thankful for a perfectly good health of body mind and soul.

Blessings to you and your family 

I have been really impressed with your commitment to your recovery and your positivity.

Looking forwards to hearing about your next 100 days.

Take good care now!

Thank you Steve. Appreciate your positive response and hope to hear from you as always. You take care man. Please be safe in your travels and keep up the positive influence you have for/to others.

God bless 

I am so thankful for all those who poured positive words into my life for reaching this mile stone. Yes I am encourage so much more now to keep my health in check always it is my greatest wealth.

I am pleased with the response I got from those who are close to me and yes I am humble and grateful at the same time.

So as I continue on the path of freedom I would like to say to those who are going to get over this please rewired your thoughts and your thinking look at the words that you pouring into your life. Is it uplifting or the other way around?

Listen to positive affirmations each moment read and keep a journal it helps so much. It is very beneficial in the healing process

Thank you all.

Finally have an attitude of graditude.

Best wishes

Hi seanraj, your journal has been the most impactful on me so far and helping me regain focus on positivity and thinking about the future when I have savings again and good health and financial stability. What point do you think was the hardest milestone to cross? How did you fight your triggers during the hardest times? 

Once you are focused on positivity your mind is gears up to overcome the hurdles in front of you. Constantly words of affirmations are going to be the key for you at this point in time. Rebuild your mindset into thinking positive thoughts. 

I am always thinking about the goodness of life and I am enjoying my life to the fullest. 

There are words of affirmations and only positive thinking are a challenge as you know the world is filled with negative news etc. 

Observe your thoughts and achieve your goals my fren. 

Thanks very much. The power of positive thinking is very strong I agree. I won't let the bad thoughts stand any chance.

Be safe be positive. Protect yourself from negative elements

Be thankful

. Be blessed

I am free from this habit moving forward.... 


I just read a bunch of your log and it is very inspiring. I am coming up to 3 months myself and am loving the clarity and how life seems to have a glow to it again after about 15 years of created devastation. Keep on being positive and let’s all support each other on this sickness. The debts are something that can be fixed but it’s the change in our soul that will really make the big payoff by stopping.

Keep going!

Thank you for your comments. I am going to keep on keeping on. Being positive and having complete focus on words of affirmations on mornings and before bedtime. 

Words are powerful they either create or destroy. life and death lies on the power of your tongue.

Be strong brother 

Be thankful 

Thankful for life. Words of affirmations injected into my mind. DAY 103 Observing the events happening in the country. Shutdowns of schools industrial plants churches and restaurants rising concerns of this virus.. Everyone please take the necessary precautions to be safe. Be positive this too shall pass. We are going to be alive and well. Be thankful. Focus on living and a healthy life. Blessings to all

As long as I keep my thoughts on my goals, I easily maintain my focus and momentum.

Because I am focused on what I am doing, I get the results I desire.

Because my life is clutter-free my mind is clear and focused.

Being in the zone is something I strive to attain every day.

By eliminating interruptions and distractions, I quickly get into the flow. 

By focusing on the best things in my life, I give them power to grow and multiply.

By focusing in the present, I create enormous mental clarity in my life.

Every moment of every day I am more and more focused in the present moment.

Focusing on the present moment improves my productivity.

Giving each moment my undivided attention, creates endless inspiration for me.

I am alert and attentive at all times.

I am always focused on what I am doing.

I am attentive and observant throughout my day.

I am aware and present at all times.

I am calm and focused in all that I do.

Thanks for posting on my thread, Sean.

Stay focused!

Good to read from you again. Hope all is well. Please be safe. Be positive. This too shall pass. 

Stay blessed. You are an amazing person. 

Take care. 

As the people of the world focus on their safety from this pandemic please note our focus on positive energy is key for survival.

All casinos bars pubs are closed so the only thing available is online so those who are isolated please you going to keep your mind focused on self recovery and healing.

You are going to be strong at this time placed barriers to prevent you from making that bet.

You are going to be positive think about your health and well-being.

Keep on keeping on as always.

Stay safe everyone.

This too shall pass....

We are going to be save from the elements.

I am going to be positive always.

I am thankful

I'm blessed

I'm on my pathway of self recovery and healing

I am always focused on words of affirmations

Please be safe out there

Social distancing #

Good day blessings to all keeping positive as always. No casino's bars pubs etc... Yeaaa...

Please be safe have a good day. 107 days and counting feeling great about my life.

Please watch. I am going to be positive always.


I am continuing to remain focus on positive words and thoughts daily seeking to improve my life and yes of course my health.

Be safe everyone stay home self isolation

And yes social distancing key to win this battle we are faced.

I am thankful for a new day and a renew development for nature. I am happy to see nature is striving and all the birds and animals are living in absolute wonder... Positive energy are flowing around us we need to tapped into the power and be thankful.

Have a positive mindset.

Be blessed

It is good to be positive and it is good to have positive affirmations, but I have to say it has to be tempered with the reality of where we are else it becomes like an automaton, saying the same things over and over again wishing them to be true and not being touch with who we are, how we feel and the reality of where our lives are.

The depth of a human being is about how much they allow themselves to be true with who they are and where they are.

This isn’t a criticism, just a word to that saying the same things over and over again to someone doesn’t make them true, or their realiy.

This is not a criticism of you but positive affirmations have their place, the emotional depth of how people feel is another place.

Everyone has their own perception of reality. Being positive is moving me in the right direction.

I fully understand the point you are making and I am thankful for your comments. 

At the end of the day each person have their life to live  I am in noway in control of their life, its up to each individual to either make the change that they are going to made for themselves or disregard the message that is sent out. 

I am doing what works great for me and I am sharing to others and yes I have receive great feedback making a positive impact on persons lives both online and in reality. Like I said before to each their own. I am going to continue being positive always. Its my reality.

Thank you. 

Thanks for you your reply. I acknowledge and respect your reality. It isn’t everyone’s reality and that is the point I was making.

Hence the reason for saying everyone has their own perception of their reality.

To each their own. 

Scriptures and other guidelines for life has help so many of us during events like these. We ought to give thanks for those who made valuable impact on our lives today... 

Hi Sean

I watched your videos

They are sooo good !

They make me want to reach for the stars !

Please keep making them (but be careful about driving while you do so!).

Keep strong .

Thank you so much for your kind words I am truly grateful. God bless you. Please be safe Jane. They make me reach for the stars... You really know how to say the kindness of things I am so happy that it did. Of course I am very careful when I am driving. 

You gave so much encouragement to continue and I am going to. 

I am very thankful 

Hi, nice to hear about your recovery. I hope you will keep up! I will follow your blog!

Thank you for your positive feedback I am humble and really happy to make some difference in someone life. Thank you. You are going to be free from this habit. 

Speaking positively over my life always. Giving thanks and appreciation to all of those kind souls who support and encourage me during my time of getting rid of this habit. Awesome feelings now great health I am so fantastic and over the top with positive energy within me and around me.

Speak words to uplift you daily. Your words are very powerful.

Take care. And stay safe everyone.

Thankful for life and the simple things life has to offer at this time.

Staying focus on spiritual enlightenment

Reading good motivation books

Cleansing my mind

Renewing the mind daily

Being thankful

Stay bless every one

I am going to be positive always about my life. My focus is on health and good life. Being safe always. Did accomplished a lot over my 5 months vacation. I am satisfied getting through it all. From car accident my sister being kidnapped divorce emotionally trauma fear of losing my son and the self isolation from the global event happening now.

Positive Completely stop gambling self healing and recovery seeking therapy regaining back my perfectly good health.. Able to paid off debts got a loan at the bank set up a savings account with a financial institution seeing my son until the world events ends. Being very thankful for positive persons who had a great impact on my life.

I am thankful

Humble and sincere

I am thankful for being alive.

I am thankful for being supportive and encouraging during these times

Being in tune with the power of positivity and being completely free of it all

121 days and moving forward

Being free is such a joy to be able to have a more he life

I hope all is well with you and your son.

We are doing pretty great. By next week they will be leaving to go back to South Africa. And I am back to work. 

Anyways how are you doing?

Keep on being positive bro

Being grateful always as these days passes I am more focused on my now moments.

Staying gf

Positive energy

Thankful for being perfectly healthy

I am living my best life now

Thankful for a perfectly good health

Happy and joy for the positive affirmations surrounding me

Happy birthday to me another milestone... Being free and grateful for this renew mind spirit and healthy....

Let's continue on the pathway of self recovery and healing in this journey called life.

Be positive

Stay safe

Most of all GIVE thanks always....

Happy birthday. Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well.

God bless you Ryan. Hope all is well with you 

I'm still going good. Some days are are harder than others but I keep going. 145 days is amazing have a good day.

Good day everyone I haven't been posting much lately on the site been pretty busy with work and forming a new relationship with someone new. I am moving on she has truly been understanding and supportive during my time of emotional trauma.

I am very thankful for the support I have received from those who took the time out to impart their feedback and comment on this platform. Thanks to all have read this message and felt inspired to live a healthy life.

I am more focus now on the better aspect of my life and seeking spiritual enlightenment.

I am going live my best life now and always.

I am unique and special in ways I never thought possible.

With this event that has the world's attention I am thankful for the absolute wonder and beauty of nature and the sites of awe whenever the sunrise and sets. Moments like these are self reflection and healing. Recovery from the addiction has really inspired me to focus more on the greater things life has to offer.

The beauty of giving. The fantastic feeling of being much more healthier now. Life is great!!! So blessed thank you for your prayer. God bless everyone on the forum

My thoughts have been with you. Glad to see that you are still gf and thriving. Take good care!

Thank you for your positive feedback I am truly grateful for all the response I got from you. Being positive in the light of the situation. How you doing man are you in the UK. Please be safe I am happy to read from you. 

New chapter new day new moments in life that I cherish. Amazing is when truly the beauty of someone's mind captivates you. I am happy thankful for feeling so wonderful about life in the midst of this global event. Being 159 days my mind is free from that was once were and no longer in front of me.

The major stepping stone for me to see where I am now is of course this platform I am truly thankful for. After I spent abt 3 hours in front of the laptop just reading people's testimonials. That was my turning point. The Health was messed up so by refocusing on my goals and affirmations I am healthy and my savings is flourishing now it been three months my savings now has seen nourishment. Lol

I am happy I am striving daily and each moment living my best life now.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this message.

Stay focused

Stay bless

Be positive

Be thankful

Most of the all renew your mind each moment you are alive

Ahi Seanraj

It’s good to read such a positive post - life is going really well for you!

Your health and finances are on track and you are an inspiration to others.

Thank you for your positive response. I know you are a vivid inspirational mentor to all newbie to the forum. You play an active role in reminding those that life is going to get better each moment 

As the days goes by during this worldwide event which everyone is experiencing stay home measures and certain restrictions life goes on condolences to those who lost their love ones because of it. May God give you strength at this time.

Looking forward to the new normal as some restrictions are lifted. With that being said having an addiction which is destructive pattern not only to your life but the life of those who are close to you the mind there and then is wrapped up with a surge of chemicals imbalances. These imbalances is cause by our urge to get back the first high that thrill feeling of winning or feeling that sensation of a deeper meditation.

Looking from the outside their may be those who don't understand what certain addiction is due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. Those who truly care about that individual will pour words of affirmations and give that individual a sense of purpose and direction in life. I am thankful for your those wonderful people in my life big shout out to STEEV RYAN JANE(I did it) and of course SANTOS ROLON JUNIOR. I give you Al my respect and love for you guys really support and encouragement me to rewire the mindset.

I am very thankful I now moving on with my life self healing and recovery is on a continuous basis as i journey on the pathway of life. Forming new healthy relationships with someone who has truly encouraged and supported me God bless you.

I am joyful always.

I am blessed


Peace and love

Being filled with thanksgiving. Renew mind and spirit. I am feeling great about my life. Healing and recovery continues keeping the focus on self worth and peace

Absolutely amazing feeling awaken to a new day rejoicing and being glad in the Glory of the Supreme. Renew mind reflecting on an adventurous day I had yesterday with my loving girlfriend a hiking trip to a mud volcano in South Trinidad and having a bath in the mud volcano wonderful and sensual feeling of nature.

I am filled with joy then we hike to the beach to wash away the mud....

Basking in the wonders of nature and its pure clean atmosphere there is peace and tranquility embracing your mind body and spirit. I felt more alive and thankful for that cherished moment.

Day 173 free I am thankful.

Looking forward for new adventures with my new loving girlfriend.

Be blessed

Be positive

Life is great

Loving the wonderful moments life has to offer

I think hiking to a volcano and then to a beach with a loving girlfriend - sounds so much better than spending hours on a poker machine in a crowded bar.

I am glad that you are enjoying your new life and wish you well for the future.

Thank You for your positive response. I appreciate your feedback Steev. Hope all is well with You. May God grant you peace love and joy during this time

Stay positive bro

Being absolutely happy about my life. Confession of our love for God deepens. I am so thankful. Understanding humble open minded and patient are some elements towards making a beautiful relationship work.

Continue to strive gently ppl. God is good