Down to $5. How to survive

I’ve had a compulsive gambling problem for the past 2 years. I am well aware of it and I know it’s a serious problem yet I keep gambling (casino or scratch’s off) 3 sometimes 7 days a week. I desperately want to stop and I need help. I’m in sales, I’m a top earner in the company but I am living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by. Last year I made $134,000 and have nothing to show for it besides negative bank accounts.

I only pay bills when I am forced to (ie if shut off notice comes in mail) and I have overdrafted all of my checking accounts and I cannot even open a new normal checking account!

My paycheck from 3 days ago was $6200 and the only bill I paid was for preschool/Nanny for my 4 year old ($700). I’ve been to the casino everyday and the only thing I have left is a $5 scratch off sitting in the car.

(Also, my significant other knows I have a problem, he asked me today if I’ve been to the casino and I lied and said no)

I do not want to live like this anymore. I do not even have gas money to make it back and fourth to work everyday unitl next paycheck in 2 weeks. We are flat broke for the next 2 weeks. I’m sure I could find someone to borrow money from but a. I’ve read that only delays recovery and b. I’m just too embarrassed to ask anyone for money.

So now what?

I see it's been months since your post , I wonder did you get help . I'm in a similar situation , and just revealed to my husband that I have a problem . My insurance is about to be cancelled my car note unpaid , I told my landlord if pay next paycheck . All I bought was groceries then I spent the rest of both my husband and my paycheck . I make good money too , nothing to show last year we moved from Maryland to Florida when I got us evicted for not paying rent . I read casinos were illegal here . Come to find out tribal casinos are not and. Ow I drive about 4 hrs each way to give up all my money , I won a lot , but I give it all back . The casino always makes sure I have a free room and comp dollars for food . I hope I can stay away , but I'm already thinking of how I can sneak back now that I've confessed to my husband and 16 he old daughter I have a problem , I even told him I've been lying and telling g him I've been at work and driving to the casino instead . This is easy because I work 12 hr shifts overnight as a nurse and he works during the day . So while he is asleep I'm gambling and while he is at work I come home before he gets home . Too easy . So easy that I'm thinking about it right now . Except my bank account is negative and I gave him all the cash we had yesterday for safe keeping when I confessed . I swear if it weren't for that I'd probably say i was picking up an extra shift and be on that drive . I always think I'm going to leave with enough money to fix out problems . He thinks we have not money because I've been paying an 1100 student loan payment , which I haven't paid in 2 years input it in deferment which ended in February so there's that too ...

Hi Unlucky and welcome to the site. We aren't "unlucky" though, we are addicted. We can make the choice to not place that next bet though. I hope you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum. it is the most used forum and you can get a lot of support and feedback there.