The first day of the rest of my life

Hi everyone.

I started online sports gambling when I was 24. I started realizing that I was losing money and stopped. I used to gamble occasionally and on low amounts.

Then one day, when I was 27 and a half I tried to make a business of gambling but failed. This is where addiction came.

Today I am 29 and 0 months. And I will make today the beginning of my life without gambling. Every day I will fight to find peace with myself. I may get a raise today, so it is the perfect time.

Thank you and I will visit this incredibly community frequently. This is my first day.

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Well, this is my first day clean. I feel bad for the money loss, but I also know that little by little I will be financially satisfied after some months. I am trying to sell some investments to have more liquidity. Obviously I have to save that money and use it only in survival needs.

By the way. In this year I was clean 91 days, had a releapse,then  84 dyas, another relpase and finally this new beginning (1 day so far)

Good to meet you in the Group, amgo77.

You have brought me back to reality.

I wish you all the best in recovery.

Gambling is a total waste of time and money.

Stay focused.

Thank you and pleased to meet you!

This was a particular day. I didnt get a raise and my job situation will be defined on November, maybe October. I am selling some investments to pay my parents 500 bucks I own them.

At night, Coming from work and arriving home,  I had this sensation of anxiety, but I had already blocked the gambling site and the emails coming form the gambling site. Instead of that, I joined an open grup from GT and I texted with Vera. Helping others is anoter way to avoid to return to gambling.

Lets continue this fight.

Well done on fighting the urge... Day by day we are going to become free from gambling!

Thanks man!

I continue free of gambling. I had a kind of nightmare. In this nightmare the boss of my boss watched my credit history and he says...he owes 10k, that is tough...then my boss told him: that doesnt matter, dont worry. In reality I will have to show my credit history to the new company that will hire me in october. I do pay to the bank, but slowly because I also have my personal expenses. That means than in theory I will not have problem to be rehired by another compay in October/November. I am also trying to sell some investments to pay to my father ( I owe him 500 bucks) and to save a little money in case of unemployment. Gambling is and will never be the solution to yout money problems. Tomorrow I get paid, that money goes to pay my credit card debts.By the way, credit card interest rates in Mexico will go down next month. This is a signal to continue paying my debts and never gamble again

Well, I had a busy day at work. I received a birthday gift from an aunt. 35 bucks. I think this kind of signals are the ones life gives you to stop gambling. It is like, life is gonna help you, just let things happen and don´t look for quick solutions.

I will spend part of this money on a date I have today. I want this girl to join me to a friend wedding. The wedding is in one month. I am editing a video on my free time and reading a book about the history of Mexico. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Well done on your gamble free time amg. I could see you In group last night and read your messages but there seemed to be a disconnect.

Keep strong

Thanks man! 


I cant believe I am 5 days gambling sober.It’s great. I didn’t go on a date with this girl. She cancelled. Better for my pocket. I watched jackass movie at night. I got paid and I have paid all of my credit cards ( for this month) I think time is my better friend. With time I will earn money and manage it. Never by gambling.

Yesterday was a quiet day.

I watched my first soccer game without gambling and everything cool. I am taking some courses and editing Youtube videos as a Hobby. Everything fine so far.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend

It has been a week since I fucked it up gambling.

It is a milestone. I will be paying my father soon 250 bucks.

I will receive money coming from an investment this weekend.

I will now post every two days.

Thanks to everyone

Well done on your week gamble free AMG - it will get easier and the finances will improve. Keep strong !

Thanks for your work man

This is my longest clean streak since i started regambling on july.

9 days clean and its great. My problem in the past was:

I want to earn more money.

My solution was: gambling

My problem is still the same but now gambling is not my solution. My solution is doing my job the best as I can, and looking for small jobs on internet that pay me little, but anyway I am earning money occasionally.

Activities I have done instead of gambling:

-take youtube courses

-working on youtube videos

-working at my job

-chatting with friends

-chatting in GT

This is my longest clean streak since i started regambling on july.

9 days clean and its great. My problem in the past was:

I want to earn more money.

My solution was: gambling

My problem is still the same but now gambling is not my solution. My solution is doing my job the best as I can, and looking for small jobs on internet that pay me little, but anyway I am earning money occasionally.

Activities I have done instead of gambling:

-take youtube courses

-working on youtube videos

-working at my job

-chatting with friends

-chatting in GT

Well done Amg- that’s really great progress .

You will earn far more money by not gambling .

Keep strong .

Well done Amg- that’s really great progress .

You will earn far more money by not gambling .

Keep strong .

Well done Amg- that’s really great progress .

You will earn far more money by not gambling .

Keep strong .

Thanks I did it!

I haven't been in touch as frequently as I was with this forum.

Well, I am 13 days clean. I have been editing videos, chating with friends, walking and running in the park.

I also watched tennis on tv. Now, without gambling.

The other day a junkie started flirting with me. I feel pity for her. And I did not fell into her game.

I will continue clean, day by day. Little by little

Well, I will travel on Friday. Bachelor single party. The trip will be to Puerto Vallarta beach, Mexico.

I am excited but also a little scared. Flying is not my best friend. Fortunately the flight will be 90 minutes. A short flight.

I love this life as a non gambler. Yesterday I watched Roger Federer, and It was a match I watched without gambling. I was nervous because Federe lost, but nothing compared to the gambling days.

Every day, little by little i will continue with this recovery.

I will be back on Sunday. See you then.

Well, I am back from my trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  As some of you know I exceeded my budget on nightclubs and stripclubs, but it was one of my best friends bachelor party. So it was once in a lifetime. I could not tell you I didn´t enjoy it. There was a casino near the hotel, but we didn´t go. The sensation was different from speding money gambling to spending it on partying with my friends. Because with gambling I could say: I lost money and time, but literally lost. With partying, I enjoyed it with my friends. Anyway, I enjoyed the trip. I have no gambling desires and one week more and I will be a month clean

Difficult day. The Mexico Argentina game came out, and since I am Mexican and I admire Messi, it was almost a fact that I would watch the game. I watched it, and fortunately I did not gamble.

But lets be honest, my mind thought abut gambling. What stopped me from gambling? I think it was thinking about who I have become in this 23 days clean.

What made me think about gambling again? The fact that I spent money on my vacation that was out of my budget.

I even thought of the bet I would place. And you know what? I would have lost all my money. I thought about betting that the first half would have less than 3 goals. You know what happened? 4 goals were scored in the first half.

I am really grateful that I did not relapse. Money should come with time, just with that.

Stayed strong. That is great. Don't worry about going over your budget for the trip. A budget is just a mental construct of what we think we will spend. If you go over - all it means is that next time you budget you will have to think of upping it!

If you keep from gambling - eventually all your debt will be paid off. It may be quick or slow - but it will happen.

From now on - think of yourself as a non-gambler. A non-gambler does not even consider putting a bet on. For that person gambling is no longer an option. I wish you well for your next gf days!

And you are right, thinking as a non gambler helps you to stop. Sometimes I use to think like...My mom or a friend, what would they say if they saw me gambling my salary? They would say I am nuts. So lets behave like a non gambler.

As you say, debt will finish eventually, actually it was diminishing before my last relapse back on July.

Well, It's been a while without posting. I am OK, but I have been busy. The wedding is next saturday. I am glad it is coming because i will rest for social commitments and expenses for a while. This whole wedding made me spend 1000 dollars (one month of salary) and i am not the one who gets married!

Jajajaja. I am trying to solve the problem about my cousin owing me 100 bucks. Apparently I will switch job until december, but lets see. I am also taking a second job to improve my finances quicker, this job is occasional and i don't earn much money, but at least is something.

I changed my date for the wedding and have a new one.

Thanks everyone for you support, I have been busy and hadn't had the time to post here.

Great success you have made over the past month mate. I am on day 1 and you motivate me to not want to relapse this time. Life is so much better without gambling. It must feel great using money on things that matter instead of something so useless and pathetic like gambling.

Good on you, i cant wait to be 30+ days gamble free too!

Thanks Relapseeking, I want to hear from you on the next months.

Gambling sucks man!

Well, I have bee nbusy.

I went to the wedding, and my date asked me for money. I just gave her 25 dolars.

The wedding was funny, but it was a big expense. I hope I dont get invited to a wedding soon.

44 days clean, my second longest streak in this year.

Everything is fine, except that my cousin does not pay me.

We will try to talk to his mother next week.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Love you all!

50 days clean!!!

What can I tell you, I finally payed my father. No more weddings, so I am paying little by little!

Yesterday I ate with a girl from the job that I like. I hope I can be in a relationship with her. She is really nice to me.

Well done, amg077!

Well, It has been 81 days gambling free. My cousin never payed me, we suspect he is in something underground. He owes me 100 dollars, but he owes my uncle a lot more. I will receive a kind of money in one month, it is a tradition here in mexico to receive it from the company you work, it is like 15 days of salary. I will be rehired in february, meanwhile i continue working with the other company. I am working really hard on my youtube channel, and spend more time with family.I owe nothing to my father and that is great. Being gamble free its great, I continue paying debt to the bank, but I slowly continue winning this battle!

Sometimes I think in this community. You have a place in my mind and in my heart. I have not had the chance to join chats, but i wll try!

Good to hear that things are going well for you and that you are enjoying being gamble free.  I know you are still thinking about the money you are owed - but please don't think of this as a loss that you need to chase.  If possible, let it go of the expectation of being paid and then if it should happen it will be a bonus.  Keep thinking that you are now a non-gambler and that you don't wish to be involved in any kind of betting.  Keep strong - I know you can do this.  I wish you well!

Hi Steev, thanks for your advice, and yes, I will take the money that my cousin owes me as a bonus and not chase losses.

Actually, I made counts and I am 81 days gambing free, not 70.

A little bit more and I will break my record of gambling free (that is 92 days)


Well done on your G free time AMG.

Sorry I left the group before we had a chance to chat.

RG's post popped up, I clicked in to comment and when I returned, the group was over.

'Hope you don't think I was ignoring you!

Keep up the tremendous work.

We will meet again soon.

Thank you so much Vera.

We will chat another time.

Well, In the gambling side, I broke my record of gambling free. My previous record was 92 days gambling free and now I am 96. It is great.

Sadly, on my personal life I got kind of fired from my job. I am a consultant working for a bank. My bank boss decided to fire my because I replied to her angry. It was a situation where I lost emotional control, so I will take an emotional intelligence course to fix this. Not everything was my fault.

In the consultancy firm, I have 10 days to find another project, and if in those ten days they don't find me a project, they will have to fire me (I hope this doesn't happen, but in case they fire me, they should give me a firing fee (3,000 dollars more less).

Maybe in the end, my problem was not only gambling, but also emotional control. In the end compulsive gambling happens because of a lack of emotional control.

Pray for me so I don't loose my job. I can survive this year only without salary (with only savings). Six months if I sell my investments. Thank you guys! I will keep you informed!

But first congrats on reaching your 96 days - (97 now?)  You have done well.

As for your job situation - it may be as well to find someone who knows the job market in your area and can advise you as to what to do.  It sounds as if you need any position quickly and you can then take time to find the job you really want longer term.  I know things are not easy in your country - but I have said to you before how impressed I am with your level of English and wonder if there is not an opening somewhere using this?

If you should come into a large sum of money - remember that you need to make it last and don't feel tempted to gamble.  Make sure you have all your barriers in place and come here or on chat or 1-2-1 if you need to vent - or ask for advice.  Keep strong.

Hi guys! I hope you're doing fine.

I have great news. First: 112 gambling free, this is a great record.

Second: I found a new project within the same consultancy firm, so I have not lost weeks of salary and that is great. I begin working on Monday and I will take lessons learned regarding communication and emotional control.

Regarding debt: I will transfer debt from one credit card to another in a month or less. The other card has less interest rate, so that can help me to pay less.

I may travel to Colombia by July next year to watch a game of Copa America, and if not, I will continue saving and paying debt.

I have also opened a pension fund, to start planning my old me.

Thanks for you support and I will read you soon!


Great news on so many fronts and I am so pleased you were able to secure a new job, I hope that works out well for you.

And good that you are thinking about the future - that usually goes out of our heads when we are in action.

Keep posting - so that we can see your progress and keep strong, my friend.

Well, 120 days clean so far. I am glad for this. Regrading my job, I will receive my performance bonus on december 20. And the salary of the whole month until Christmas. So I had to wait a little, but I will receive money until those dates. I will post before the end of the year. Thanks for your support so far!

137 days clean.

A lot of good stuff is coming.

First, I am paying debt faster.

Second. I will travel to Colombia. I start to gain more financial strength as soon as my gambling problems stop. I will go to Copa America 2020, to Bogota.This will be my first time in south america.

Third. I am also busy working on my youtube channel.

I have not been here in a while, but it is because I am really busy working.

I wish all of you a gambling free 2020. Lets keep fighting together and thanks for your support and good advice

Well, My job has kept me really busy, so I haven't had the the chance to say hello.

Everything is going well and finally I am paying debt faster. I can finish 2020 being debt free.

Now I enjoy sports but not gambling, such as Australian Open 2020.

I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Good to see you still posting here and congratulations on 160 days. You have come through so much - what with the change in job and sorting out the debts and money owed to you.

I hope you have a great 2020 and see you here in 2021 debt-free!

Hi Steve! Thanks for your comments.

You are right, I have not been conscious about all I have been through. I suffered from money they owed me and was never payed to me. 

But things look better now. And the main motivation to keep free of gambling, is that I am having a wonderful life with friends, dates, job, personal projects and other stuff.


Well, right now. I don´t know if i can say thisis gamble free.

In my new job we have table football and table tennis. Sometimes the guys bet things.I try not to bet, but sometimes I do it, so they don´t say I am rude. The things the team bets are candies, popcorns and stuff like that.

Anyway, my life gets better. Now I cand spend some money with my parents and my brother that visited us. I am also dating a girl. So I compare these things with gambling. With gambling I used to bet money and loose it. Now I am spending that money in food and experiences with my loved ones.

By august I should be finishing paying the most expensive credit card I have. So i will be with a lot of peace when that moment comes. Also interest rates in Mexico are going down, so that helps me to pay debts faster.

I hope you guys are doing great!!

Life is going so good for me !

Well guys. As you know we are facing really difficult times globally:

Personally, I have been through a lot:

-My brother had to be taken to  AA therepay: From december to january, he was visiting us in Mexico. Everything seemed fine. One month ago, he had an incident with his wife while he was drunk, so my father had to travel to Oakland to help him. My brother loses control of his behavior when being drunk, he is agressive. He now takes therapy and everything is getting better. This reminds me of the dangers of addiction. Well, he is not an addict but when he occasionally drinks, he cannot control himself. Similar to what happens to us with compuslive gambling.

-Coronavirus is striking the world. Well, here in Mexico, the problem is not as big as in other countries. Apparently we are under control. I just hope I dont get fired because of this economic crisis, since I am still paying debt.

-My trip to Colombia has not been canceled, since it will take place on July. What has been cancelled is the Copa America 2020, what can I tell you. I was supposed to attend the 3rd place match.

Well, lets keep together, and face trough this covid hell together. I spend my time working on my youtube channel, studying online courses to be a better worker. Be calm and dont get desperate. We will see the light in the end of the tunnel.

With love, I wish you the best