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Hear from Gambling Therapy Service Users

Below is just some of the feedback we have received concerning the range of services offered by Gambling Therapy from the people using our site from around the globe.

“Gambling Therapy changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful” “Thank volunteers, staff for caring, it makes a difference, I'm grateful” Anon 2015

“I'm astonished at just how good the level of support Gambling Therapy is able to provide. For me it has proven to be a godsend. I have no idea where I'd be now if I hadn't received your help. Thank you.” Anon 2015

"Our son is doing amazingly. Can't tell you how happy my heart is; I wish I could do something for you by way as thanks. We are at the early stages but it was so the right thing for our son. I do believe he is finding where he wants to be in life, and finding happiness. So many thanks. We would be lost without the input from you." Anon 2015 (Parent of Problem Gambler)

“I am far more at ease in sharing and I feel that I am on the mend. I am learning to live life without gambling and I am also learning to cope and address issues that enter my head. I have achieved things now – that I never thought would ever be possible. I would like to thank my counsellor; from the bottom of my heart for giving me the space, time and support that I needed. I feel that she has truly helped me to become the person I want to be. I have hope in my future now and I have more acceptance of my past.” (Anon 2012)

“GT has helped me to change, it pulled me, cajoled me, kicked me and supported me through the worst times of my life and thanks to the dedication of everyone on that site I can say confidently the following statements.

• My life will not be controlled by the addiction to gamble again

• I am a stronger and better person

• I can apply my learning at GT to several other aspects of my personal and working life for the betterment of both

• I have regained my confidence and self esteem

• I am not responsible for the problems and actions of others

• I have ambition again and see a future. Through the work of the GMA programs and Gambling Therapy

I now have belief as well as hope that my partner and I have a future together If we so want it to be – which currently we do. We are both a work in progress and I cannot see me straying far from GT in the foreseeable future. Most importantly and put simply I am happy and this is down to GT to which I will always be indebted. Without GT there is no way that I could say that today. Thank You” Anon 2012 (partner of a problem gambler)

“I feel it is very worthwhile and I get a lot out of it but I feel it is a shame that a lot more ex residents don't get involved.” Anon 2012 (GMA Residential Project)

“This is a resource that is unique and I have absolutely no doubt very powerful and enabling in helping people in their recovery. To me it is a service that I know is there should I once again find the inner strength that I know I have in order to change. Long may it continue with its passion, unconditional support and importantly peer to peer support and challenges to each other. There is no hiding place from your peers which is such a powerful aid in assisting true abstinence and recovery. Good luck to all who run it, all who support it and all who enter it.” Anon 2012 (GMA Residential Project)

“GT has literally saved my life, I will be eternally grateful for the help and support I receive, especially the helpline. Without that, I don’t feel I would have done as well as I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Anon 2011

“GT has been my lifeline during some very difficult times - I really don't know how I would have coped without it and in particular the truly fantastic Velvet. Thank you so much” Anon 2011 (partner of a problem gambler)

“I have gained a stronger sense of who I am since joining this site not too long ago; I find the groups helpful, the forums, the topics, and the live advice. Everyone is so eager to see a new person, even one who has been involved for a long period of time, heal, and will do whatever to give tremendous amounts of suppor” Anon 2011

“It’s a great website with great people working there.” Anon 2011

“Gambling therapy is my favorite of all sites. It helps me with isolation problems and helps me stay connected to the outside world on days I otherwise wouldn’t. Just want to say thank you thank you thank you. Harry is awesome and so is Cathie.” Anon 2011

Hear from long term users of gambling therapy and supporters of gambling therapy, people who have benefited from our online support services for problem gamblers, on the mend from gambling problems.