How to use the "Meeting Place" Forum

Hello All

This forum is here for you all to leave short messages detailing when you will be accessing the Open Groups" we have here at Gambling Therapy to make sure you don't end up in a room by yourself :(

What might be good practice would be to add the date and time to the "subject" line of your post so people can see at a glance when you're going to be around.  Then in the main body of your post you can leave a quick message, but please make sure you use "My journal" or the "Friends and Family" forums for your regular in-depth updates rather than this forum :)

To make life a bit easier with time zones, please use this link to help establish when others are available

To join a group please use the link on the front page showing when the next "Open Group" is running, if its showing the incorrect time... please check your profile to make sure you time zone has been set correctly


Hi there. I've been trying to tell my partner about my problem. Keep chickening out over the last month as I Know it is going to change our relationship. Any ideas would be appreciated so much. Good news is I haven't gambled for 3 weeks now. Tina

Hello. I have a huge problem My spouse already knows that I have gambled away thousands of dollars. I had beenndoing well until recently. I took 3 mortgage payments that were due and ised thembto gamble. I lost the money and couldn't pay them We already had to file a BK Ch 13 and have missed payments added to the arrerage. The bank said wencould not miss anymore payments. I received a notice of default on our mortgage yesterday which means Wells F can foreclose on our house. How do I tell my husband? We don't have access to 3 months of payments in the bank. I am a nervous wreck.

Hi there. I can relate to wat you are saying as I find myself in a similar situation of trying to tell my partner. I've been putting this off for months but know I need to to this for both our sakes. I don't thi k there is an easy way but do,it we must. ,keep me posted on how your doing. Tina

Over in group now. Anyone about?


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