I am terrified!

I am finished. I have lost all my money. I used to own apartments in Prague, had my own contracting business in Ireland. Now I have nothing. My last bet was a few hours ago on plastic horses or virtual. I am thinking of Suicide, I cant get a rope I have in my Old Van out of my mind and I am sweating with fear and anxiety. Jesus help me, please God 

Why did I do this to myself? I know about adiction, I am 28 Years sober alcoholic. Now I want to end it. I was so proud and confident, now I am worthless. I want to write this, maybe nobody will ever read it, but at 55 sure my life is almost over anyway.

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Hi Downandout ,

So what would that achieve except heartbreak for all those who care about you ?

Another option is to brush yourself down and start again.

Please join some of the groups here and chat to others.

Life improves very quickly once we stop gambling.

You have not lost your ability to make money - just your ability to gamble in a controlled way.

I feel you deserve a massive pat on the back for coming on here and seeking help . Talk to others - you are I good company here - with others who have messed up the it lives until they decided enough .

It is hard to stop gambling but not impossible . THere is also residential help available through this site .

You can do what you propose anytime - isn’t it worth giving recovery a chance first ?

You r never too old to recover from a gambling addiction. I entered into recovery at 59, suicidal, ill, depressed etc. After five and a half years of complete destruction. You can come back from the worst situations. It works when we admit that we r powerless over gambling and that our lives have become unmanageable, and a higher power can bring us back to wellness. The aa steps work for gambling too. Come to the facilitated groups on here, go to GA.

I admitted that I was powerless over gambling - that my lives had become unmanageable.

I came to believe that a power greater than me could restore me to sanity.

I made a decision to turn my will and my lives over to the care of God as I understood Him.

Its never too late to start living life on our own terms. Gambling controlled our actions each and every day. There is something comforting and soothing knowing we no longer have to live through the stress of gambling. A sense of freedom knowing the higher power will give us the strength to power through our times of weakness as long as we ask.

Keep on fighting!