i lost at black jack

Hello there , so im 24 years old and for a last week i was playing blackjack till this very day..

i was on rollercoaster of wining and losing and today i managed to lost all of my money.

about 4800 euros total becuase of my stupidity

If i go work for 2 months to another country i can have it back and forget about that

or i can take a loan and pay it slowly for 2-3 years witch will remind me of it every day

Would do you guys suggest ? first or second option

I know that i means that i have exchanged few hours for 2 months of life witch is too much if we consider we dont know how much time we have

but i have to pay for my mistake, will it be the best possible solution to go on with life?

(i dont thinking about gambling again)

so as in math i see it like this : 2 months to recover lose = but good life till the end

but maybe if i go work there who knows i may meet a woman of my life ?

everything happens for a reason, we just need to take good from the bad that happened.

I think gambling should be forbidden, why this even exist in the world it just make life of peoples bad

i know im not the worst case , but i kind of feel like it, i know it could be much worse , just thinking why i was sooo stupid

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Hey tommik,

Do not take the loan. Having access to "fresh" money will not be good, as your mind will push you to gamble in order to recover the money you lost.

You say you don't think about gambling again, but don't you really? Sooner or later that thought will come to your mind again, so you better be prepared when it does.

I wish you all the best.



Hello its second day after what happened and i feel awful totally.

Kolberg , it wasnt long time of gambling - 8 days and it did what it did i did not have limits....

im really not gonna do it again

just i think about how hard it ll be to recover what i lost but there is no other way to come out of this mess that i made

Good to meet you in the group earlier, Tommik.

Well done on seeking help.

You lost a LOT of money. It is a shock and when we are in shock we say "never again"

I agree 100% with Kolberg

DO not get a loan.

Gamblers look for a quick fix when we lose.

First thought after a sudden loss is "I have to get my money back.

I know, because I have been doing this for 20 years.

The first time I lost 2k, I nearly got a heart attack.

I was frantic so the bright idea of a loan seemed like the solution.

A friend told me if you keep gambling you will lose 20k.

I laughed.

Swore to God I would never gamble again if the loan was granted.

Got the loan.

Lost it.

Fast forward 20 years. Add a few zeros to the first loss plus huge debt.

All from getting a quick fix to cover my tracks.

So my advice is to start saving very slowly. Give the savings to a reliable person. Ban yourself from the casinos and gambling sites and slowly rebuild your savings.

Compulsive gamblers cannot handle money.

We will always return to the scene of the crime.

Gambling is an insidious, progressive disease and although the problem only comes to the fore when we lose, it is not about money at all.

Keep posting. Sit tight. There is little chance of getting work in another country with this "pandemic". Jobs are scarce. My belief is that we are facing a huge global recession so forget about gambling and get all the help and support that you can avail of. No matter how far you travel or how many new jobs you get the addiction will always follow you.

I wish you well in your future life.

Hello there guys, thanks for replayingi still feel totally awful, i need to get my self together, today i was at best friends house (she like sister to me) and they saw somehting is not right with me ....but i cannot tell them it would break her , im definitly getting out of this mess...but yes this witch job will be hardt ofind is right ,, now in this virus pandemic.

I ll see about that loan, if i take it , and i pay 230 / month for 2 years its acceptable for me ( also i can pay forward any time )

so i could make it as soon as possible.

But i talked to another friend about it , he only knows , and we have a deal that if i do something stupid with it he ll go tell everyone witch is biggest stop for me that i can have


You don’t have to get all the money back straight away.

You can still get the loan in a month when your head has cleared.

It doesn’t really matter whether this was 8 days or 8 years . You were not able to stop gambling until all your money was gone and that means you have crossed the line into gambling addiction.

Another thing that sets alarm bells ringing in my head is that almost everyone of us on here becomes obsessed with getting the money back- whether that’s by working extra jobs, saving , gambling to win to back, living frugal lives, selling our stuff online ... the list is endless.

So you are actually in “addiction mode” right now even if you don’t realise it yet.

Forget about the money for now. Try to draw a line under it. At some stage in the future when you have put barriers in place, deal with it then.

Start by putting a gambling blocker on your internet devices - I use Gamban which I find quite good.

I was in for denial for years - I knew I was not as bad as everyone else on here. While they chased recovery I chased the big win that would put everything right. When we had a burglary and all my jewellery was stolen, I didn’t think I’m so sad - my deceased dad had bought all that for me” . I thought “I might as well have sold that too”, because I was always searching the house for stuff to sell.

While you are thinking about how to get your losses back, you are in addiction mode. Take no loans right now!

How do we all know ? We know because we all did it and learned the hardest way .

Keep strong Tommik - but above all take action to make sure that if you do have a moment of weakness, you are unable o gamble .