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Hi, my name’s Jane Fahy (Janey) I'm a counsellor and registered member of the BACP and I’m the Clinical Services Manager for Gambling Therapy.  Hmmmm, so what can I say about me? Well, I've been a trained counsellor for about six years now and I've worked with people going through pretty much most of the challenging things that life can throw at a person. I've worked with groups of people, young people and families and I've done that both on and offline :)  I now specialise in the online support and counselling of problem gamblers and I have to say I love the work and I’ve met some amazing people both on, and offline through my work with Gambling Therapy.

I have completed a post graduate qualification in cyber culture and online therapy and hope to start my Masters in this subject next year.

Thanks for reading :)



Gambling Therapy Counsellor