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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Ireland

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic is a 22 bed addiction treatment facility located in Couty Louth, Ireland. Smarmore Castle was founded by the directors of Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, which was established in 1988 by Peter and Dr. Margaret Ann McCann, as a residential rehabilitation hospital treating people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, gambling.

Las Vegas Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a twelve step program for compulsive gamblers.

The Gamblers Anonymous of Southern Nevada (GASN) is a fellowship of recovering compulsive gamblers who live in the Southern Nevada area. GASN is affiliated with GA.

The only requirement for GA membership is the desire to stop gambling.

Jersey Gambling Commission - Jersey - UK

This is the official website of the Jersey Gambling Commission. The site contains all relevant information relating to application forms, policies, consultations and news releases relating to all forms of remote gambling, land-based commercial gambling and social and charitable gambling in Jersey.

Tokyo Counseling Services

Tokyo Counseling Services mental health counseling professionals are qualified JSCCP Clinical Psychologists licensed to practice in Japan. Every Psychotherapist at TCS holds the Japanese Certificate for Psychotherapy and is qualified and legitimately registered as a Psychotherapist by The Japan Federation for Psychotherapy. Our counselors provide individual counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling and family counseling. group therapy and psychotherapy services. Counseling and therapy services are available in English, Chinese, German, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese for all...

Japan Outreach programs and support for international and multi-cultural families.

Free, anonymous telephone counseling and support across Japan. 9am - 11pm daily.

Korea Center on Gambling Problems

Korea Center on Gambling Problems was established in August of 2013 in order to prevent, cure, and rehabilitate those who suffer from gambling addiction and problems whether they gambled at legal gambling institutions or illegal gambling institutions. We also plan to participate in any businesses and activities that are related to preventing, curing, or rehabilitating victims of gambling.

Debt Advice Ireland

Debt Advice Ireland is a website offering a debt advice forum, which has been introduced in order to win the trust of people in Ireland, and to encourage them to come forward and resolve their debt. In the UK (where similar personal insolvency options have existed for years) specialist debt help forums have become very well-established and popular. They allow members of the public to seek out information, to confirm facts, and to gain some initial thoughts and feedback about how to resolve their debt problems.

Debt Action NI - Ireland

Debt Action NI is aimed at helping those most financially vulnerable in Northern Ireland. We offer FREE, confidential and impartial debt and money advice services across NI. Our purpose is to help people manage their money and debt issues so they can take back control.

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