Lost all

I started online gambling last 7 years ago prior to that I have always considered gambling addiction as a thing for lazy people. It all started when my friends then will bet on a sport and win it that is when I started developing interest, the day I played my first bet and won, I didn't know that's the day I sold my soul, until sometime later I noticed that I couldn't seem to be able to stop even when I used up all my savings I still looked for means to gamble. Now my life is in shambles, my business bankrupt and knee deep in debt. I want to stop but I don't know how.

Hello, i just screwed up today, maybe not that much as you but lost all my savings.

no we are not gonna win that back, try to make a plan on how to get loses back, it can take some time , it wont be tomorrow but try to figure it out normal way out of it witch will not include gambling, remember you are in this world for 1 time, you dont know how long that is , so try to figure out a plan , do the plan and live on ( i hope you can make it in few months)

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Thanks a lot Tommic only that the urge can be awfully strong sometimes but I am trying my best not to gamble again

"I want to stop but I don't know how."

The four steps that I recommend are: 1) Lose access to gambling - ban or block yourself from gambling places or websites - there is information on blockers under information on this site - or check other posts in this forum. 2) Lose access to finance. Easier if you have a trusted family member or close friend that can take over this for you for a while. If you are on your own, more tricky - but again if you read through this forum you will find some ideas. 3) Keep busy with other things (non gambling) that interest you. Yes anything as long as it is non gambling or addictive in another way (no point in trading one addiction for another!) 4) Get as much support as possible. There are lots of on-line meetings at the moment - from Gamblers' Anonymous, through to SMART recovery and facebook groups. There are probably local options as well (I don't know which country you are in.) There are the groups on here - click on the link to see what times suit you.

All this will help you to stop. Staying stopped is another matter! I wish you well.