Need HELP!!

Am new to the site and trying to navigate my way around in order to get the help I need. Have been a gambler for several years....quit for about a year but recently have been going back and losing money. I haven't gotten to the point of losing everything like before so need to get this licked in the bud now. I have ban myself from local casinos but that is a farce.....I can still go and gamble, just have to be careful not to bet big or win big. Is this the place to be so I can find support and encouragement to stop this madness?

Hello and welcome, It is funny you this the place to be? This is the place to be. But, also, when I am gambling I feel like I am never in the place I am suppose to be. I should have been anywhere but at the casino is always the feeling I have as I leave. Today was anything but a good day. But the only comfort I have is that I was here...present for my life and here to support those I love because I wasn't gambling...and believe me, I wanted to be gambling. Keep posting because this is a much better place to be than at any casino. We will listen, respond and support your journey of recovery no matter what!

Going into a casino I get excited about getting to play but leaving (broke) I feel disgusted and ashamed and swear I won't ever go back. Am good for a few days and then here I go back with the same outcome. From now on I will come here when I get the urge and will leave a winner for a change. Thanks for responding to my cry for help. Support and encouragement is what I need.

i'm new here too. i am determined to lick this nasty addiction. i will come here and post even if no one helps to get my thoughts in front of me. I have found only warm and welcoming people here, and support. We are all in this together. I have lost home and my job and it's time for me to make changes. You are stronger than you think.

Everyone here understands the challenges that we face with this gambling addiction or compulsive gambling. I don't think it matters what we call it as it means the same. I know that once I enter a Casino and play those machines (slots/vlts) then I can't stop. I never walk out with money as if I win it goes back in the machine.

How did you manage to quit gambling for a year, and what motivated you to stop? Did you go to GA or get support from anywhere? I am asking these questions because did you do anything to protect yourself from having money. If we have no money we cant gamble. I know that I had to put barriers up so that I did not have access to cash when I first started recovery. No money = no gambling. I know that even when we have gamble free time we cant get complacent, as just like that we end up gambling again. Keep coming back and posting as I know for me it was a life-saver and the help and support you get here is really a big help.

HI! I just wanted you to know that this was and is the place for me. I was able to put up a lot of barriers and I am learning to deal with stress as it pertains to my gambling. Please, keep posting and reading posts here. It will help you immensely. Consider going to GA meetings and limiting your access to cash. We never win at the casino. You have found the right place for support. Take care.

This was the place that helped me to learn all about compulsive gambling and that I was not alone in this. That I had people in my corner who didn't loathe me because I had gambled away nearly everything. People that had been there, had years of gambling sobriety under their belt and could offer support and advice or people who had just hit their personal rock bottom like I and were just starting to work through their recovery. And all stages in between. The understanding and HOPE that life can be different is irreplaceable. Put measures in place to protect your money and restrict your access to spending money. Removing the means to gamble can help to cut down on the urges as you first stop. I gave up control of my money for quite some time. I also started counselling with a counsellor who specialized in gambling addiction. I attended GA meetings and I used this site daily if not hourly or more! It was my life line in a dark time. The great thing is that everyone can find a combination of measures that work for them. Just keep working on it and hope you settle in :)


I've been doing ok since I came to this site on Tuesday. Have come everyday and read other posts and haven't wanted to go to the casino. This week-end will be the big test...husband will be out of town so will have to stay super busy so I won't think about going. Can't figure out how to get into one of the support groups??? Think there might be a time difference. Have tried to figure it out but can't seem to get it and it frustrates me.

Hi Dale,

The Gamblers group chat starts in just a minute. If your profile is set up properly, you just click on Helpline, then "Join".

Hope you see this and get in...


Went to the group chat, clicked on Join but there was no one there and it was in a different language. Tried several times....don't guess it was meant to be for me today.

Hi Dale,

I know this is frustrating ...

Maybe you can check your Profile settings. That is where you tell the system your Time Zone, Language and User Type (and other information).

I just posted a thread entitled "Getting In To Support Groups" that might help you with this.

If that doesn't work, say so on your thread, and perhaps email the site about it.

Hang in there ... it will be worth it once you are able to get in to the groups.

Once your profile is set up properly, you can also access the Live Advice Helpline. It is a One to One chat (not a group) with a GT Facilitator. I don't think there are set times that it is open.

If you click on Helpline, you will see if the Live Advice Helpline is open. Click on "Join" if it's open. You may have to wait a bit "in queue" if someone else is receiving therapy, but it will let you know if you are next (position 1) or how many are in front of you.

I hope something here helps you to get in to the Support Groups. Please keep posting ....