Need help bad with roulette machines

Hi my names steven i'm 19 from aldershot and i'm joining because i have a problem with roulette machines in bookies everytime i get money i need to go on them stupid machines even though i know i'm gonna loose and i dont just do it with dispossible money i do it with rent money and food money, money i really cant afford to loose. i life with my girlfriend and today i lost £200 in an hour which is for next months rent luckily with christmas comming up  i will proberley be able to get my rent money back but i'm worried i'll do it agen next month i allways tell myself that i'm never gonna go in the bookies agen but i cant help it i hate it and if my girlfriend found out i'd proberley end up loosing her. i need help badly before i end up ruining everything good in my life i've been playing on the machines for 6months now and i'm tierd of it but i know next time i get money i'm prolly gonna end up going in and loosing it agen. please help me before its to late.