Re: Starting a new life

Iam 30 years old female live in Melbourne Australia, I have been selfbarred from Crown Casino 2 yrs ago if iam not forgot and then quit for a while and then I found this pokies machine at TABARET in everywhere which cannot have selfbarred services. Last sat I lost 1500 and then i questioning myself I promised to play only $200 why i can end up like that. I make big gut to join this and gave my bank card to my friend today, which is Sunday after church... I still got credit card but I use it for grocery, no more than $500 allow. However , how to qui gambling .....why when I was in Indonesia I never gambling of't cannot open place for pokies or casino there..........Anyone who can help pls help me ...just chat...Try to quit gambling
Hi Vera

Ive removed your phone numbers for safety reasons, and made your post into its own thread.



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