Research Project

Gambling Therapy is participating in a research study being conducted by Bournemouth University to explore online systems to support people struggling with compulsive/excessive use of online services such as online gambling, gaming websites and social media. 


Why take part in a study group?

You’ll get the chance to chat with other Gambling Therapy users on variety of subjects - to hear their views and share your own. Peer support groups can provide valuable insights through listening to other people’s stories and reflections and can help you to feel supported when you are ready to share your own. The groups will be facilitated by an experienced counsellor who will ensure that the group remains a safe space to explore your thoughts and ideas.  


What will happen in the group? 

The group will have a new theme each week for everyone to focus on - some examples of these include: 

1. What does addiction mean to you?

2. What leads to a relapse?

3. Does self-exclusion work?

4. When does gaming become problem gambling?

5. Where do you find support?

6. What did you enjoy before gambling took over? 

The group will begin with members introducing themselves (this might be as simple as providing age and gender, or might also include a brief outline of recovery journey to date. When everyone has spoken - the topic will be introduced and an open discussion will follow. As a peer support group it is expected that members will share their reflections and ideas in a supportive way, and will listen and respond warmly to others in the group. 


How will the study be conducted?

The study will be carried out in a specially flagged peer support group which will only be visible to those taking part in the study. This study will not affect existing groups or the support helpline, which will continue to run exactly as they are. 

This peer support group runs for an hour on Tuesdays at 6pm. It is facilitated by a member of the Gambling Therapy team who is there to help keep the group focused, but not to provide therapeutic support. Participants do not need to attend every week. 

If you choose to take part in this study you will be asked to give your consent for the transcript of the research group to be provided to the Bournemouth University research team. This transcript will be completely anonymised - removing any identifying names, places or facts - with the original transcript then being destroyed. It is important to stress that it is specifically only the anonymised transcripts of these research groups that will be made available to the university research group - nothing else about you, or any of your other interactions with the Gambling Therapy website will be divulged and you can continue to use the rest of the website as normal. 

At the end of the group if you decide that you no longer wish details of your participation to be passed to the research team - your posts to the group will be removed before the university team are given access to the transcript. You will also be asked if you would mind being contacted by the research team for a short (20 minute) interview following the group - though there is no pressure for you to agree to this. 

The study is open to Gambling Therapy users who are already participating in online support groups. It is entirely voluntary, and your decision on whether to take part or not will have no impact on the other services that you receive through Gambling Therapy. 

Download the full research study overview (PDF)

Download the full participant information sheet (PDF) 

If you would like to take part in this study please download and read through the full research study overview and the participant information sheet, then use the form below to register your interest. You need to be 18 years or older to participate

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