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Resources and links for problem gambling recovery


Sirius Project - Support in an emotional crisis - World

There are many types of self-harm. This site focuses mainly on self-injury, where the self-harm involves tissue damage - cutting, burning and so on. However, some people would consider eating disorders and even drug and alcohol addiction to be a form of self-harm. Other common types of self-harm include taking overdoses, compulsive skin picking and trichotillomania (pulling out your hair).

Whatever form of self-harm you struggle with, you're welcome here. Some of the information is only relevant to self-injury, but where possible we have included links and ideas for those who live with other... - Online blocking software - World

Betfilter is specially designed to stop gambling. Betfilter has been tested on people with real gambling problems. The software is developed in close cooperation with Center For Ludomani in Denmark.

We have focused hard on developing a product with the following features:

Simple and easy installation

Installation of Betfilter will take only a few minutes and can be installed by anyone.

Only relevant blocking

Betfilter will ONLY block and stop gambling sites and applications.

100% discretion

After the installation of Betfilter you will not be bothered by annoying messages or similar alerts....