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Resources and links for problem gambling recovery



Programmet är till för dig som är 18 år eller äldre, har problem med överdrivet spelande och vill förändra din situation. Självhjälpsprogrammet innehåller både skriftliga frågor och övningar som hör samman med den del du jobbar i och det är därför viktigt att du både i tal och skrift behärskar det svenska språket någorlunda. Om du har ett pågående alkohol- eller drogmissbruk eller en allvarlig psykisk problematik bör du först söka annan hjälp för det.

The treatment offered by the Spelinstitutet is based on research and many years of experience. Several studies have been carried out and the...

Linha Vida

"Linha Vida", is a psychological counseling service, anonymous, free and confidential, in the area of addictive behaviors, including gambling addiction.

It offers support, information and referral to people with problems related to the practice of gaming, to their family, to health professionals, education workers and community workers, as well as to all of those who wish to ask questions or discuss about situations related to addictive behaviors and all related issues.

For your protection and


Iniciado e dirigido pelo Psicólogo especializado em Adição ao Jogo e outras dependências sem substância, Pedro Hubert, o I.A.J. tem vindo a coordenar esforços em todas as áreas que digam respeito ao jogo abusivo e patológico, em especial, no domínio do tratamento, da prevenção, da formação e da investigação.

Initiated and directed by the Psychologist specialized in Addiction to Gambling and other addictions without substance, Pedro Hubert , the IAJ has been coordinating efforts in all areas regarding abusive and pathological gambling, especially in the field of treatment, prevention, training...

Jersey Counselling with Steve

Welcome, I am Steve. You may have come across my profile for one reason or many differing reasons, that is ok. So many people (myself included) go through rough times and feel that they need support ... that is what I am here for. It may be that there has been something niggling in the background for months or years; or it could be something that has happened in the past few days. It may seem like these are too great to overcome but with the right care and guidance these can be worked through.

Cost per Session: £45 - £55

Sliding Scale: Yes

Pay By: Bank transfer, Cash

Accepted Insurance Plans