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Resources and links for problem gambling recovery


Mindfulness as a Treatment for Behavioural Addiction

This study is an analysis of several case studies and accouts of Mindfulness being used as a treatment for a variety of behavioural addictions, including Compulsive Gambling. Mindfulness itself has its roots in Buddhism and several distinct techniques within the philosophy are used successfully with behavioural addictions. Many of these have been identified as also being useful with chemical addictions as well; for example, the method of acknowledging cognitive processes and seeing them as a passing phenomenon.

Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO)

Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO) is an independent knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) organization that aims to eliminate harm from gambling. Our goal is to support evidence-informed decision making in responsible gambling policies, standards and practices. The work we do is intended for researchers, policy makers, gambling regulators and operators, and treatment and prevention service providers.