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AQUARIUS (Nottingham) - Help for those affected by addiction - Uk

Help for those affected by Gambling Addiction - Uk

Cygnet Health Care - Addiction Treatment (Kent/North Yorkshire and Middlesex)

Cygnet Health Care provides addiction treatment for ALL addictions and addictive behaviours

Northlands Independent Treatment Centre

Independent Addiction Treatment Centre

福音戒賭中心 - 倫敦 中文華語 - London Chinese Speaking

多年前,幾位曾深受賭博纏累的基督徒,經歷神 憐憫重獲新生後,對仍然沈溺在賭博中的人,有極大的負擔,希望透過神福音的大能,幫助他們戒除賭博惡習,從賭 博的捆綁中解放出來。

Life Works Community

We are one of the leading private rehabilitation centres in Europe specializing in treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, eating disorders, depression and other mental health problems.

Jersey Gambling Commission - Jersey - UK

This is the official website of the Jersey Gambling Commission. The site contains all relevant information relating to application forms, policies, consultations and news releases relating to all forms of remote gambling, land-based commercial gambling and social and charitable gambling in Jersey.

GMA Residential Application

Online Application to Gordon Moody Residential Treatment


To promote the prevention, recognition and treatment associated to use and misuse of substances including alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Gladstones Clinic

Gladstones Private Rehab and Detox Clinic, located in Bristol, UK offers an holistic approach to treating a range of drug, alcohol and behavioural addiction conditions including to online and casino gambling.

Wolverhampton Free Debt Advice Centre

Wolverhampton Free Debt Advice Centre caters for the growing need for debt advice in Wolverhampton including Individual Voluntary Arrangement, IVA or Debt Management Plan and other debt solutions. Call the Wolverhampton Debt Free Helpline on 0800 169 1536 or visit the Wolverhampton Debt Advice Centre.