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Hello. I am WayneS. I volunteer on Wednesdays, providing advice on the helpline and facilitating general gambler groups.  The question I have been asked the most by GT’s users is whether I gamble. I don’t gamble. I used to gamble online on sports results, but it was controlled. Then I got bored so I stopped.

I chose to volunteer for Gambling Therapy because of my understanding of sport and betting and the emotions people feel when they bet on sport. While volunteering for Gambling Therapy, I have learned about other forms of gambling such as casino gambling. I have become more aware of the negative effects gambling can have on the lives of those who gamble, and on the lives of people connected with gamblers.

When I am not helping gamblers, I do other voluntary work. This includes working with the bereaved, the anxious and the young, as well as committee work. I also cycle, even in the winter.  :)


Wayne Nigel Senior

Gambling Therapy advisor offering online support