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Ya true facts there lol. Thanks for what you said about the posts and connection. I’m a pretty deep person but Im also not afraid to write. I guess that’s one thing NA and AA gave me was the ability to speak openly to other addicts. I actually phoned my NA sponsor today I asked her to do a set of steps with me again. She’s pretty good about tailoring steps to whatever your going through. I’ve probably done 20 sets with her over the years. Everything from eating disorders, to grief and my other addictions and codependency. I pushed away from her the last year alot. I’ve talked to her on the rare occasion but told her I was ashamed to admit that my addiction to gambling came back last summer. That was a huge step for me so now I’m glad to start getting my real recovery back again. I definitely recommend doing stepwork it helps me everytime I do them. I refuse to let myself end up in this situation ever again so I’m gonna take everything I no and apply it to keep myself away from gambling again. Seeking out a support system that understands is the key. My Dad wasn’t right about the thing with my husband no but he did tell me to seek out my sponsor again as he nos shes first nations and helps ground me back to my spirituality. My dad’s native to so he tries to remind me when I’m messed up to go do a sweat lodge or smudge and connect with the earth again. I’m excited for my future for the first time I see the good things that are coming from me being open and honest.