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Charlster that is awesome. I know that GMA is perfect for you and that you will fit right in. Do you know which site you’re going to? Dudley or beckenham?

I went to GA last night and the guy leading the group has been to the Beckenham site. We chatted about my experience and although he had not heard of many people not making it through the assessment he did explain that most of the people who go there had lost everything over decades of gambling, and that I shouldn’t feel bad that I wasn’t a good fit. We agreed that my higher power decided I needed to be out of there to do other things. What those things are I don’t know, but i am open minded to see what happens on a day by day basis.

You will do very little apart from settle for the first 2 weeks – the hard work starts after that and I understand it is hard but it works.

I’m rooting for you fella. You have been a huge source of support for me on these blogs over the last 3 to 4 months, and I hope to one day catch up and buy you a coffee when you are out and clean.

onwards and upwards.