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Dear Deb

I think your comment ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is the comment of a CG who is living the gamble-free life and living it with maturity and understanding.

I have felt exclusion as a result of my behaviour during the years the addiction was affecting me, even if it was vicariously. It has been a slow process but with my eyes open and a mouth that has learned to stay silent at appropriate times, things for me are changing and changing to something really special.

In my opinion, our old behaviour takes time for others to forget totally – we know we are changed but trust is difficult for those who lived with our old behaviour. I am sorry that you feel hurt at times but the new you will be winning more trust every gamble-free day. You could ask to be included in a bowling or movie trip – your kids have possibly gone so long, without thinking of asking you, they may feel that maybe you don’t want to go. Taking the first step is the hardest – as you know.

I hope you have a great weekend