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I hope today finds you well.
nI’ve read your posts and you said something interesting that pricked my ears up. Addiction can be overcome by making the right choices. And yep that’s true. I , however am a HUGE believer In physical barriers, exclusion , gambling blockers for computers etc, being accountable to someone else so giving your debit cards to someone to hold and maybe take a small allowance.
nNo money= no gambling. If the means and opportunity are gone it forces your hand. You simply CANT gamble. And the more barriers the better. Get them all up! Yep it’s scary, and it’s massive. But it worked for me. I did the lot, including reading and posting here every day, checking in to the helpline, the longer you don’t gamble the less gambling thoughts consume you and more normal thoughts remain. It’s not a quick fix, I worked hard every day, I wrote every thought in my head down on my thread, I spewed to the helpline daily (poor things lol) but….it works. I’m not perfect, I’ve slipped, but I could have never imagined back then that I could stop, it was impossible. Until it wasn’t! Use the support here, it’s a wonderful community, you can do it , I’m the living proof. I’ll always be a compulsive gambler, and that’s ok, I’m no longer drowning in gambling thoughts, lying to cover my tracks, wanting to die. I’m living, not perfect, far from it, but whose life is? I am in control of my life now. I wish you all the best, and look forward to reading more from you, Love K xx