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Hi Mike.

How to do it? The best advice i could ever give anyone is to use the support that is available – if we could do it on our own then no one would be here in trhe first place.

The good news is that these days there is a lot of support available.

Check out the My Journal Forum – you will see many things that you will relate to. You will also see the success stories, see the sort of thigns that are helping others stop gambling and then apply them to your own situation.

Just carry the money you need oin a daily basis – walking past the slot machine place with no «spare» cash in your pocket is a lot easier. if you can ask them to ban you as well.

Use support – start a journal in the My Topic forum, check out the live support groups here as well, download the app. Checkout other support as well. Gamblers Anonymous meetings is an option that helps many.

The good thing about living somewhere that there is lot of gambling is that there also tends to be lots of help available – use it and you can stop gambling.