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Hi Semaj
Another clean day is a day to celebrate. Some of us are hooked or drawn in from the first time we gamble. I think I liked it way too much even though I was a very cautious and cheap gambler in the beginning. I look at gambling the same as other forms of addiction, like drugs, alcohol, food, etc. The same issues that drive people to numb themselves or maybe make themselves feel better can drive us to any of those things. I think gambling is in some ways is an addiction that allows us to keep functioning for a long time. The signs are not as easy to see. The physical impacts are harder to spot. We may be stressed, agitated, angry, when we lose and we run out of money, but we find other things in life to blame that on. We can keep making this worse. j

I’m glad you made it through another day. I hope today is going well also!

take care,