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Hi Tango
Welcome back, I am 99.999% certain I remember you.
I think every method of coping with the addiction to gamble will be denounced by someone as ‘pointless’; there is no one-size fits all but when it comes down to it the ‘only’ person that can make the difference between addiction and freedom is the one who ‘wants’ to make the difference and in your case that person is ‘you’.
When you test your addiction you are not accepting it. It is Vain Hope that test drives an addiction, a hope that maybe, just maybe, this time it will be different but Vain Hope is not your friend, nor ever will be.
I am pleased that you have returned to this forum and I hope you will use the groups and begin to enjoy the fruits of a true gamble-free life. Use your journal to chart your progress, lip service really is pointless and doesn’t wash here. I am sure you remember that the reason I write here is because I have seen true recoveries and wonderful outcomes so I am not talking about the impossible dream that your addiction offers.
Keep posting T – it is great to hear you back and determined just for ‘today’.